Personel Department

1. Function: 

-Advising and assisting the Principal in organizational and staffing work.

2. Mission

a. Political and ideological work of cadres

 – Capturing and synthesizing the ideological situation of officials, timely reporting to the Party Committee, Board of Directors; propagating and thoroughly grasping the lines and policies of the Party, the laws of the State, political tasks and traditions of the university to all staff; internal political protection; local military work.

b. Organization

 – Develop a development plan and perfect the organizational structure, regulations on organization and operation of the University; guide, inspect and supervise the development of regulations on organization and operation of units under the management of the University; guide, inspect and supervise units on organizational work; implementation of projects related to personnel organization.

c. Staff work

 – Develop a plan for human resource development; policies towards cadres; planning of leaders and managers, staff training.

 – Ensure and timely implement policies and benefits of staff

 – Guide, check and supervise the development of human resource targets; professional title standards; prescribe regimes and policies for officials and units.

 -Develop and effectively implement policies to attract highly qualified scientific and managerial staff.

 – Developing and implementing recruitment plans; carrying out procedures for signing working contracts, labor contracts, and part-time contracts with officials.

– Organizing the assessment of leaders and managers; appointment, re-appointment, transfer, rotation, and termination of leadership and management positions.

 – The work of appointing ranks, raising ranks and transferring ranks for cadres.

– Management of personnel records; verify the background and political history of officials when required.

– Deploy and guide the implementation of emulation, commendation and discipline of cadres; the work of summarizing the school year; evaluate and rank staff annually.

– Reviewing and approving annual salary and allowances.

– Implement social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance regimes for officials.

 – Organize the review and application for recognition of qualified lecturers for the title of Professor, Associate Professor.

 – Carry out procedures and dossiers of request for consideration and award of the title of people’s teacher or excellent teacher for officials.

– Procedures for retirement, sick leave, job termination, job transfer, secondment.

– Manage, carry out procedures for appointment, extension and admission of cadres to go on business trips, study, foster professional skills, exchange research at home and abroad.

– The focal point to organize conferences of officials and employees.

3. Personnel organization

Ordinal numbers Name Position Email
1 Dr.Bui Ngoc Thang Manager
2 MSc.Pham Thi Lam Deputy Manager
3 MSc.Do Nam Office Specialist
4 MSc.Tran Vu Bao Dung Office Specialist
5 MSc.Le Thuy Duong Office Specialist

4. Address

  Room 715 – E3. Building Phone: (024). 32272803

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