Undergraduate training: VNU-UET organizes 17 training programs including: 05 high quality programs according to Circular 23, 01 VNU high quality program and 11 standard programs along with 04 dual degree programs. The scale of regular training is 5,000 students, of which students of high-quality training programs account for 35% of the total size of regular higher education (in 2020).

Based on the two training programs (invested by VNU since 2008, called the strategic task) which quality have been tested by ASEAN universities (abbreviated as AUN), University of Engineering and Technology continue to develop the training program of Computer Science and Electronic Technology and Communication to become a high-quality training program taught in English towards socialization, meeting Circular 23 of the Ministry of Education and Training.

In 2017, the University developed three more new training programs, including: Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering and Transportation and Japanese Market-Oriented Information Technology. This is the first program for students to have a choice of foreign languages ​​in addition to English as well as the deployment of close and in-depth training with businesses.

Postgraduate training: The VNU-UET organizes 12 M.A and 08 doctoral training programs including 2 international standard training programs (1 master, 1 doctoral). The scale of master training is 300 M.A students and 70 doctoral degrees.

     Developing the team on the view that every lecturer is a scientist, lecturer has both many achievements in scientific research and enthusiasm for teaching and training the younger generation is a key motto of the University of Engineering and Technology. Training activities are always associated with scientific and practical research in businesses.

The system of organizing the examination and evaluation of students’ studying results is organized according to a rigorous process to ensure that a fair and objective assessment of students’ study results. The VNU-UET focuses on the quality assurance of training programs. Programs have been accredited in accordance with AUN Standards (Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications Technology, Computer Science), and VNU Standards (Technical Physics, Mechanical engineering, mechatronics technology, information systems, software engineering).

     The lecture-hall system is equipped with advanced and synchronous teaching aids; system of computer room and laboratory for practical teaching is invested, upgraded and supplemented regularly with a budget of billions of dong each year. In 2016, the VNU-UET put into operation the executive office of high quality training program and launched the self-study room of students with full facilities.