University Development Strategy to 2025, vision to 2035


     Globalization is an inevitable development of the modern world, especially in the context of the world entering the 4th Industrial Revolution. More than ever, the creative, leading, and spreading role of Higher education is emphasized in order to create humane products as well as outstanding scientific achievements, meeting the requirements of building a knowledge economy. Many world’s leading universities, with their inherent strengths in branding, finance, effective management systems, and government support, have become the world’s academic and creative centers.

     After 30 years of renovation and international integration, our country’s economy, society, science and technology have made remarkable changes. These are important prerequisites for the development strategy of the University of Engineering and Technology in the period 2015 – 2025 and a vision to 2035 with the target that the University of Engineering and Technology will become a leading domestic institution of higher education on all three criteria: pioneering, innovative and leading in the field of high-level human resource training and advanced science and technology.


2.1 Mission:

     Training high-quality and highly qualified human resources, fostering talents; researching and developing, and applying advanced science and technology fields; pioneering in approaching regional and international higher education standards, actively contributing to the development of the country’s economy and knowledge society.

2.2 Vision 2035:

     To become a leading technical university in the country, in the group of advanced universities in Asia; a center of excellence, at the forefront of talent training, scientific research, and technology transfer.

2.3 Core Values ​​and Action Slogan:

  • Core Values: High quality, Innovation, Partnership,  and Humanity
  • Vietnamese action slogan: “Sáng tạo, Tiên phong, Chất lượng cao”.
  • English action slogan: “Creative Thinking for the Future”.

(updated by the Resolution No. 972/NQ-HĐT, Nov. 4th, 2022 and the Resolution No. 985/NQ-HĐT, Nov. 8th, 2022 from The University Council)


3.1 Developing in accordance with the schemes, policies, and strategies for socio-economic development, education, science and technology of the country, the general development strategy of Hanoi National University.

3.2 Becoming an essential center in training high-quality human resources, fostering talents in the fields of individual and regional advanced science and technology.

3.3 Researching and developing high technologies, interdisciplinary technologies, and products based on fundamental science and advanced technology of the world.

3.4 Towards the development of training and scientific research for the sake of humanity, be a source of high-quality human resources and crucial scientific and technological knowledge for the purpose of sustainable socio-economic development of the country.


4.1 General Goals

     To become the leading research university in the field of science and technology application in Vietnam, meeting the fundamental criteria of an advanced research university in Asia, including a number of fields, disciplines with international standards, making practical contributions to the industrialization and modernization of the country.

 4.2 Specific Goals

       4.2.1 Training highly qualified and high-quality human resources, fostering talents in advanced technology fields in order to meet the requirements of the country’s economic development and knowledge society

       4.2.2 Researching and developing, and applying technology to serve the industrialization and modernization of the country

4.2.3 Developing a professional, civilized, and modern university environment


5.1 Training

  • Maintaining and improving training quality, attaching training content to social needs, ensuring the employability of students after graduation.
  • Developing the university’s majors flexibly, suitably with the training planning of Hanoi National University, and the development trend of society in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution; focus on talent training, high quality.
  • Diversifying training types towards socialization in order to meet the requirements of social development on the one hand, and on the other hand to effectively exploit the development potential of the University (international joint training, short-term training, training according to the employer’s orders, and so on.).

5.2 Science and technology

  • Planning a system of laboratories and investing in infrastructure associated with strong research groups and key scientific and technological products.
  • Focusing on developing a number of high-impact scientific products (national products) in order to affirm the position and create momentum for the development.
  • Promoting the establishment of international cooperation laboratories in order to increase the potential of science and technology and quickly approach the international level.

5.3 University organization, team, and governance

  • Implementing synchronously the university administration system to develop the University of Engineering and Technology according to a modern digital university model.
  • Developing a team of highly qualified and professional staffs, who are suitable to the training and research scale of the University.
  • Step by step implementing the university autonomy model in accordance with the model, conditions, and timeline of Hanoi National University.

5.4 International integration

  • Raising the level of internationalization of training programs, especially high-quality training programs; attracting international students to study and research at the University.
  • Strengthening connections with international science and technology activities, attract foreign experts to visit and participate in scientific research activities, and developing research groups and laboratories in collaboration with abroad to increase the scientific and technological potential of the University.


 6.1 Completing the organizational model and developing a team of highly qualified scientific staff

 6.2 Increasing, diversifying, and effectively utilizing resources

 6.3 Improving the efficiency of development cooperation activities

 6.4 Innovation of university governance

 6.5 Focusing on strengthening facilities to ensure the quality of teaching and research, quickly constructing a new campus in Hoa Lac.

According to Decision 777/QD-KHCN&HTPT dated July 31, 2019