Student Affair Activities

Student Affair Activities is one of many activities that are being looked after regularly. Every year, at the start of a new semester, a “Student integration week” event is held with many activities such as “Citizens-Student’s Week” where instructions from the Ministry of Education and Training and the Vietnamese National University (VNU) are broadcasted. Our colleague invited officials from the P83 Department – Hanoi Public Security and
political theory teachers from the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics to directly spread the words to students. Moreover, students also can listen to VNU’s introductions, training regulations, Students Activities regulations alongside with studying plans and events from the Student Union.

Under the guidance of the School Administrator and also efforts of the Student Affairs department into student management, students have been provided favorable conditions to enhance their knowledge, skills, promote creativity as well as be respected. Furthermore, the Alumni’ Contacting Department was founded with an aim to pay more attention to student affairs.

With the sentiment “ Learner-Centered”, the School built one strong bond between many departments, subjects, the Students’ Association and Youth Union to consult and support students immediately. Besides, our leaders have not only given a sympathetic ear to not only students’ aspirations and struggles but also cleared up all answers.
The student affairs always focus on educating and training students to be well-educated and skillful; practically supporting students to improve themselves in order to contribute high quality workforces to the society. Hence, the University has organized many meetings, student exchange programmes that have cultural or specialized focus, and discussions with local and foreign partners.

For many years, lots of students have earned many noble prizes in international and national competitions including: (1) The Final of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in 2018 in Beijing University (China), team Unsigned was ranked 15/140 which is one of the highest ranks of Vietnamese team ever since. (2) In Maths and Physics Olympiad Competitions , our students got the highest scores; (4) The students of UET were continuously awarded the Honda YES prize; (5)Speaking of Technological and Start-up creativityUET’ Students were eager to participate in a lot of national competitions and got prizes.

Scholarship, subsidy programs of the University and its affiliate businesses for students are also focused on, which motivate and encourage students to study harder.

In addition to orientating students to self-train, self-study, and self-research, the Student Affairs Activities also emphasizes advising and assisting learners in finding suitable jobs for their abilities and expertise, while helping them to adapt to the real-world working environment. These tasks are devised in many forms and through many activities (sending recruitment news of enterprises to students via the emailing system; organizing job fairs; coordinating with enterprises to organize recruitment campaigns for students in the University; etc.), which helps increase the employment rate of graduated students to 85%. Graduates are also well-received and appreciated by society. In making these efforts to properly manage students, the rate of students achieving high training points reaches 85%.

Alumni have gradually matured and have made significant contributions to the development of science, technology, socio-economics for the country in general and the University in particular. The Students Affairs Activities have played important roles in helping the University of Engineering and Technology to become a prestigious, reliable, attractive training destination, and becoming the main choice for many gifted students across the country.

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