Legal & Inspection Department

1. Functions: Rooms and functional departments are responsible for advising and supporting the rector in the management, organization and administration to implement specific tasks of the university.

2. Mission.

a. Inspection work

Planning and organizing regular inspection and testing; Reception of citizens; receive, guide and handle complaints, denunciations, recommendations and reflections of officials and learners in the unit; Propagate and supervise the performance of anti-corruption tasks in the unit. Organize inspection activities under the direction of the Principal.

b. Legislation

  • Implement legal issues, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the University, staff and learners;
  • Reviewing management documents of the University to ensure appropriate legality; Proposing and implementing measures to prevent, remedy consequences, handle violations of laws, rules and regulations in the operation of the University; Commenting on draft legal documents at the request of superior agencies; Send comments or recommendations to competent agencies on the amendment, supplement or promulgation of legal documents within the assigned competence;
  • Organizing the propagation, dissemination and education of the law; rules and regulations of VNU and the University to staff and learners; Inspect and supervise the implementation of propaganda and education to raise the awareness of law observance in the School.

3. Staff Organization

Stt Full name Position Email
1 ThS. Tran Thi Cam Le Deputy Head of Department, In charge of the Department
2 CN. Lai Thanh Huong Specialist

4. Contact address: ​​Room 716- House E3. Phone: (024) 32272805

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