Administration Department

1. Function: to advise, assist the Rector in performing administrative, general, communication works, facilities, equipment and security of the University.

2. Mission: 

a. Administrative and general work:

  • Monitor, urge, propose solutions to ensure the effectiveness of the administrative works.
  • Organize school briefings, departmental principals meetings, conferences for preliminary and final reviews by year and school year. Prepare the report of the University for the meeting of VNU. Synthesize reports and statistics on regular and extraordinary activities of the University.  
  • Manage outgoing and incoming dispatches; coordinate outgoing and incoming dispatches on the University’s document management software; manage the archiving of documents, work records and documents throughout the school; seal management, document issuance; issue referrals, travel orders for officials and students sent on business trips, sign travel documents for guests to work and stay at the school, sign certifications for officials and students to register for public service. 
  • Secretarial work: scheduling the work of the Board of Directors; disseminate to units and monitor and urge the implementation of the work schedule. Monitor, urge and remind the units to implement the working regulations, work plans of the school, conclusions/directions of the Principal; focal point to receive and return documents and documents of the units submitted to the Board of Directors for signature.
  • Reception and service work: The focal point to guide and supervise the units performing the reception work, the events of the conference; managing meeting rooms and preparing logistics for meetings chaired by the Board of Directors and functional units; prepare conditions for the Board of Directors to receive guests; management and operation of official cars; filial/filial visitation.
  • Communication work: Developing strategies, proposing solutions on communication; effectively organizing and implementing strategic communication activities according to the vision, mission and development strategy of the University. Develop a communication plan, and implement it effectively to promote, and enhance the reputation and image of the University with stakeholders and with staff and students. Advise the University’s leaders on handling communication risks. Effectively manage and operate the University’s website and the University’s official public communication channels. The focal point for organizing media events and commemorative activities of the University. Compilation, printing and distribution of publications introducing and promoting the image of the University; effectively collecting, storing and exploiting documents and artifacts related to the formation and development of the University. Consulting and supporting units to plan and effectively implement communication activities. Manage banners, slogans, advertising panels and other forms of advertising in the School area. Develop a network of collaborators on communication. The leader of the Administration Department in charge of communication is the school’s spokesman for press and media agencies.

b. Management of facilities and equipment

  • Manage assets and constructions: Set long-term and annual facilities development plans to ensure the necessary demands for effective and timely activities. Manage assets, tools and instruments, including procurement and repair of assets from regular funding sources; inventory and liquidation; manage asset, electricity, water and telephone systems. Manage buildings, allocate and arrange working areas in the School. Management of renovation, upgrading and construction of new construction works. Develop school project in Hoa Lac.
  • Security and order, fire prevention and environmental sanitation.
  • Lecture hall management: Manage the lecture system, classrooms and lecture groups.

3. Organization and personnel

No. Full name Position Email
1. MSc. Nguyen Trung Cuong Deputy head of Department. In charge of the Department
2. MSc. Le Huy Deputy head of Department
3. MSc. Duong Dinh Thieu Secretary of the Board of Directors
4. Le Thanh Tung Expert
5. MSc. Bach Ngoc Minh Expert
6. Pham Thi Thu Hoai Expert
7. MSc. Tran Thi Tuyet Nga Expert
8. Nguyen Dang Hoang Expert
9. Nguyen Doan Hoan Staff
10. Nguyen Manh Dung Driver
11. Tran Tien Dung Driver
12. Nguyen Thi Vinh Staff

4. Contacts

  • Administration Department: Room 108-House E3. Phone: (024) 3754 7461, Fax: (024) 3754 7460
  • Administration Department: Room 202-House E3. Phone: (024) 3754 9816

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