Quality Assurance Center

1. Function: Advising and assisting the Rector in managing and implementing the assessment, ensuring the educational quality and developing the quality culture of the School.

2. Mission:

  • Developing a quality culture and applying quality assurance models to the University’s practice; building internal quality assurance system; guiding and inspecting the implementation of education quality assurance conditions in the units; organizing the implementation of survey and evaluation activities; processing and analyzing data for the purpose of ensuring the educational quality of the University;
  • Evaluating units according to research university standards, stratification and ranking of higher education institutions; summarizing and report the results of public 3 tasks;
  • Organizing self-assessment of training units/training programs; proposing a plan to improve and improve the quality of training after self-assessment-accreditation of education quality; building a database system on quality assurance, quality inspection, updating proofs according to quality inspection standards.

3. Personnel organisation:

Num  Full name Position Email
1 Dr. Hoàng Văn Xiêm  Director of Center xiemhoang@vnu.edu.vn
2 Tạ Thanh Mai  Specialist maitt@vnu.edu.vn

4. Contact address: Room 104 – Building E3. Phone: (024) 3754 7480

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