Information Systems (Master’s Program)

1. General Aims:

The aforementioned program aims to educate the workforce in Information Systems with master degrees, have ability and characteristics of experts in information integration, apply technology solutions with business procedures, support the development process of science and modern technology, meet the demand of country’s knowledge economy

2. Specific aims:

  • Supply about 80-100 masters in Information System annually to meet the need of knowledge economy development related to database and Information System foundation, data mining, information security and science service.
  • Raise the ability to combine post-graduate education and scientific research – implementation of digital technology. The number of graduates, who are the authors of scientific works, may increase annually.

Career orientation:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • IS architect
  • Project manager
  • Head of the information technology office
  • Systems integrators
  • Systems analyst/Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Business Analyst
  • Lecturers

In time, master in Information System can continue Doctorate education about Information System as well as other majors related to Computer and Technology: database, knowledge technology, and data mining, data security,..

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