Communications Engineering (Master’s Program)

1. General goal:

The master’s program in Communication Engineering aims to develop highly qualified human resources with good background in related science and technology, ability to lifelong self-study and continue to study at doctoral level at advanced training institutions in the world, contributing to national developments and global economy.

2. Detailed goal:

  • About knowledge: students are armed with in-depth knowledge related to the field of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering at large and Communication Engineering in detail.
  • About skills: students will consolidate and master some skills in analysis, design and simulation, practical skills, teamwork, presentation skills on scientific issues in related fields.
  • About ability: students are equipped with in-depth knowledges in Communication Engineering in tandem with applying those knowledges to professional practice activities; ability to work independently, self-update and strengthen specialized knowledge after graduating.
  • About research: students are taught about scientific research methodology, are guided how to approach researches, think creatively in order to recognize new points and the directions to handle incurred problems in Communication Engineering.

Detail: CTĐT Thạc sĩ ngành Kỹ thuật viễn thông


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