Computer Networks and Data Communications (PhD’s Degree)

1. General goals:

Training experts and scientists who are equipped with in-depth research knowledge and skills in the field of Computer Networks and Data communication, having the creative capability to explore and propose scientific and technological solutions to practical and science-related problems, the ability to self-research, to construct research projects, join or lead research groups.

2. Specific goals:

  • About knowledge: Postgraduates are equipped with:
    • Advanced knowledge of information technology (IT), especially in computer networks and data communication such as network security, wireless and mobile networks, modern issues of data transmission and computer networks;
    • In-depth knowledge of computer networks and data communication, especially in network architecture and infrastructure, network protocols and applications, methods of data transmission in network environments, network security and administration and Internet of Things.
  • About ability: Postgraduates have the ability of:
    • Self-study to acquire new technologies, tools and skills in the field of Computer Networks and Data Communication;
    • In-depth research into new theoretical and technological issues in the field of Computer Networks and Data Communication;
    • Synthesize and analyze existing solutions and technologies, detect theoretical and technological problems;
    • Logical thinking and creative ability to learn and propose technological solutions to problems in Computer Networks and Data Communication (network architecture, network protocols, network security).

More details of the aforementioned curriculum at QĐ.1159_Ban hành CTĐT Tiến sĩ ngành Mạng máy tính và truyền thông dữ liệu 2018

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