Software Engineering (for 2018 Admission onwards)

1. General goals:

Training experts who are capable of in-depth research in Software Engineering and independent research, know how to build research projects, join or lead research groups, contribute to the development of the software engineering industry of the nation.

2. Specific goals:

  • About knowledge: Improve to the most modern level of Software Engineering knowledge, supplement and improve the knowledge of logic and formal representation.
  • About skills: Perfecting skills in analysing and designing software systems as well as in-depth research skills in theory and technology.
  • About ability: Doctor of Software Engineering has a deep and up-to-date understanding of software development, has the ability to research and guide research on theoretical issues of software engineering as well as the ability to formalize software development problems.
  • About research: Doctor of Software Engineering is capable of conducting research in the following directions: Software development process, software modeling and verification, reusing in software development, real time and embedded system development.

More details of the aforementioned curriculum at QĐ.1158_Ban hành CTĐT Tiến sĩ ngành Kỹ thuật phần mềm 2018

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