Mechatronics Engineering (Master’s Program)

Master in Engineering Mechanics program has some specific objectives:

1. General objectives:

– To provide students with in-depth knowledge of Mechanical engineering and needed skills to become specialists in Mechanical engineering. To equip students with knowledge so that they can continue their PhD program in Mechanical Engineering;

– The structure of the program is built on an integrated and interdisciplinary approach whose aim is enhancing scientific knowledge and visibility so that learners can adapt to the constant change of science and technology;

– Students with foreign language skills, professional skills; having professional ethics; Having the ability to self-study, to raise the professional level; to be able to continue studying at higher levels, to accumulate experiences so as to become experts in management, operation and development of technology; lecturers, researchers, etc.

2. Specific objectives:

Graduated students are able to undertake works related to Mechanical engineering, technical work as chief engineer, in charge of technology in corporations, head and deputy of professional departments in research units or teaching in the subject of mechanics, applied mechanics in technical universities, etc.

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