Information Security (Master’s Program)

The Master of Information Security programme has following specific education objectives: 

General objectives:

The general goal of the Master’s Program in Information Security is to train high-quality, well-qualified, highly qualified information security experts in proposing and implementing information security systems. advanced information security models and solutions, serving the country’s information security strategy in international competition and integration.

Specific objectives:

  • Providing, annually, roughly 50 high-quality masters of information security are provided in the subject groups of Cryptography and Data Security, Network Security, Web and Social Media Security, and Information Security Management.
  • Improving the capacity of the Faculty of Information Technology in integrating graduate training with scientific research – deploying technology in the field of Information Security, ensuring an appropriate proportion of Information Security master students who are authors/co-authors of prestigious national/international published scientific works and/or information security software products with high application potential.

Career orientation for graduates:

  • Chief Information Security Officer – CSO.
  • In charge of the information security department.
  • Chief Information Officer – CIO.
  • Head of the Information Technology Officer.
  • Project Manager.
  • System Integrator.
  • University lecturer in Information Security in particular and Computer and Information Technology in general.

At the same time, the Master of Information Security can continue to carry out the doctoral training program in Information Security as well as other majors in the field of Computer and Information Technology in the following directions: Cryptography and Data security, Network Security, Web and Media Security, and Information Security Management.

More detailed information of the education frame at CTĐT Thạc sĩ ngành An toàn thông tin.

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