Department of Planning and Finance

1. Function:​advise and assist the Principal in planning and financial management

2. Mission:

a. Financial planning

  • Develop annual plans and budget estimates; annual goals and plans.
  • Develop a plan for budget allocation according to tasks and for each unit; Prepare the plan to assign tasks to the units and supervise the units to perform the annual financial tasks; Allocate resources to implement financial year targets, plans and tasks.
  • Urging and supervising the implementation of targets, plans and tasks of the units. Report to superiors on the implementation of targets, plans and tasks as prescribed.

b. Financial Management

  • Manage and use uniformly all financial resources of the University.
  • Summarize the annual revenue and expenditure situation; inspect and supervise financial activities of units with their own seals and accounts.
  • Organize the system of accounting books and the accounting apparatus according to the provisions of the current accounting regime; Guiding the accounting regime, disseminating State and University documents on financial management; Develop and organize the implementation of the internal spending regulations.

c. Revenue management

  • Manage state budget funding sources according to the State Budget Law and current regulations. Organize the collection and management of students’ tuition fees in accordance with current regulations. Organize the collection and management of non-business and service fees as proposed by units in the University approved by the Rector. Monitor and manage funding for implementation of scientific research projects at all levels, funding and cooperation according to regulations.
  • Monitor the revenue of joint training contracts, economic contracts, services and other revenues according to regulations and be responsible for participating in the construction of all kinds of contracts to advise the Rector on related terms. to finance.
  • Centrally manage all revenue sources at the units to the Department of Planning and Finance (except for units with their own seal, separate accounts and independent accounting); Inspect, supervise and urge the implementation of financial obligations to the University by units inside and outside the University.

d. Payment of funding sources

  • Ensure timely and convenient disbursement of funds for units and individuals.
  • Instructing units in the University to deploy the use of allocated funds and make advances, payment and settlement of funds, details: Expenses for regular tasks (regimes for staff, students, internal management within VNU, external management agencies, administrative activities, expertise, project funding, cooperation, regular asset repair and procurement, service activities). spending on irregular tasks (funding for implementation of scientific research projects at all levels, procurement and major repair of assets, capital construction investment capital, unexpected tasks, consulting, inspection, inspection, etc.) payments for the implementation of projects).

e. Consolidation of financial activity reports

  • Implement the reporting regime on financial performance, according to current regulations of the State, VNU and the University; Annually synthesizing data to make financial settlement reports, reports on increase and decrease, depreciation of fixed assets, tax reports… according to regulations of the Ministry of Finance to submit to the Rector and report to VNU; Consolidate financial data of the units affiliated to the university (with their own seal and account) into the school’s general financial settlement report.
  • Coordinate with units to make tables and reports for each specific activity at the request of competent authorities; Guide, inspect and supervise financial activities at affiliated units.

f. The performance of tax obligations

  • Make declaration, finalization and payment of license taxes, corporate income tax, value added tax with the collection agency.
  • Making personal income tax declaration and finalization for officials; declare and pay current personal income taxes of seasonal and short-term labor contracts and other incomes. Ass science, service contracts of units and individuals of the University.

3. Personnel organization

Stt Full name Position Email
1 TS. Nguyen Anh Thai Assignee  
2 ThS. Pham Thi Thu Lan Account Manager
3 ThS. Tran Thi Thu Ha Junior Accountant
4 CN. Le Thi Huyen Junior Accountant
5 ThS. Nguyen Huy Canh Junior Accountant
6 CN. Le Thanh Tra Junior Accountant
7 CN. Nguyen Thi Quynh Junior Accountant
8 CN. Vu Dieu Linh Junior Accountant 

4. Address: Room 101 – E3. Building. Phone: (024) 37547063

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