Mechatronics engineer (Honors Program)

Advanced Mechatronic Engineering Technology Major

      The education program equips students with comprehensive professional knowledge, understanding the principles and laws of nature – society, basic practical skills, the ability to work independently, creatively and to solve problems in the field of Mechatronic Engineering Technology.

      Training bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering Technology in the direction of engineers, capable of self-study to improve professional qualifications to suit the dynamic working environment and high integration trend; have the ability to continue learning, participate in higher education, gain experience to become a leader, expert in the field of Mechatronic Engineering Technology and Automation.

More detail of the education frame at  QĐ.1586_Ban hành CTĐT CNKT Cơ điện tử CLCTT23.
The education programme applies for enrollment from 2019 and after, more detail at QĐ 1534 CNKT CƠ ĐT CLC 23.

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