High quality program in Computer Networking and Data Communication

    The goal of the high-quality Computer Network and Data Communications (CLC) program at VNU University of Technology (VNU) is to train human resources of engineers with high professional qualifications, capable of working in large enterprises in Information and Communication Technology in Vietnam as well as other countries in the region, meeting the society’s demand for high-quality human resources in the field of Communications and Computer Networks.

    Students of the CLC MMT&TTDL program will be equipped with modern knowledge and skills to meet the needs of IT development and application of society in the globalization trend. At the same time, students are also trained in necessary complementary skills, self-adapting ability, ability to work independently, ability to work in industrial environment at home and abroad… to meet quality standards. number of advanced universities in the region. By providing a modern effective management, teaching, and learning environment, together with a team of excellent lecturers and applying advanced teaching and learning methods, students of the CLC MMT&TTDL program will be facilitated. the best conditions to develop knowledge, skills as well as professional qualities.

Details of the training program framework can be found at: This training program framework applies to students who are matriculated in 2020.

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