Information Technology (Honors Program)

1. Common goal

1.1. About knowledge

       Equip with basic and in-depth knowledge of Information Technology. These knowledges are enhanced and some of them reach the general regional and international level. Equipping with more modern and specialized knowledge compared to standard training, allowing graduates to quickly meet the needs of society’s information technology activities as well as continue their studies. training, research and development in Information Technology. Fostering creative capacity, ability to use foreign languages ​​to communicate with foreign colleagues about expertise or common social issues.

1.2. About skills

      Training highly practical skills in most areas of Information Technology, mastery and proficiency in analysis, design, construction, installation, maintenance, development and management of systems and programs program, project. Equip teamwork and communication skills, be able to use foreign languages ​​fluently for study and research, quickly integrate with the regional and international information technology community after graduation .

1.3. About attitude

       Foster good political qualities, have a sense of discipline, have a scientific and serious working style, have professional ethics in information protection, copyright, have a spirit of teamwork, forge regularly practice discipline and communication ability, have a sense of learning to rise, constantly improve capacity to integrate with the general level of information technology of the region and the world.

2. Specific goals for each training orientation

2.1. Orientation Software Engineering

       Equip with basic and in-depth knowledge of Software Engineering: the process of building, managing and maintaining software systems; analysis, design and management of software projects; the ability to organize, perform and manage jobs in the field of software engineering, to build models and apply principles of software engineering in practice; ability to research and propose development directions for software engineering.

2.2. Information Systems Orientation

     Equip with basic and in-depth knowledge of Information systems, meet the requirements of research, development and application of information technology of society; ability to advise, consult and build high-level information systems for economic, administrative and service management.

2.3. Networking and Computer Communication

       Equip with basic and in-depth knowledge of computer networking and communication, meeting the requirements of research and application in the field of network and computer communication; the ability to design, manufacture, maintain, manufacture, test, manage computer communication and networking systems; ability to continue research and technology development in the field of computer networking and communication.

2.4. Orientation Computer Science and Services

      Equip with basic and in-depth knowledge of computers and IT services, respond to analytical problems, build foundation solutions for IT services and Technology-based services factual information; ability to organize, perform and manage jobs in the field of computers and IT services, build models and apply principles of Information Technology Services in practice; ability to continue researching and developing models related to Information Technology services.

      See detailed content of training program framework at 3538.qd_CTĐT University 2015_IT CLC

      For enrollment courses from 2019 onwards using the curriculum framework: Decision 1524 IT (CLC)

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