Information Systems (Honors Program)

The goal of the Information System High-Quality Program at University of Engineering and Technology (UET) – Vietnam National University (VNU) is to provide comprehensive training in both professional and quality human resources and foster university-level talents in Information Systems Major in the digital age. Graduates of the High-Quality Information System major will be bachelors and experts equipped with good quality, comprehensive IS expertise and in-depth knowledge in two fields ((i) Service integration and Big data management; (ii) Data science and business analysis) on building and developing information systems well adapted to practical requirements, contributing to the goal of “by 2030, the Vietnamese education will have reached an advanced stage in the region”.

More details of the aforementioned curriculum at QĐ.1587_Ban hành CTĐT HTTT CLCTT23

More details of the curriculum applied for enrollment from 2019 and after: QĐ1527 HTTT CLC 23


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