Civil Engineering

The aforementioned program aims to acquire undergraduate students with the knowledge about technique, technology, design, construct, operate and manage infrastructure projects. Based on that, students can do research, apply their expertise, interdisciplinary and practical knowledge to solve problems about urban infrastructure.

The graduate students have the ability to think independently, creatively, and work at transport and construction companies and enterprises both domestically and internationally; carry out experimentation and teach at research institutes, universities and be masters and professors in domestic as well as international institutions.

The graduates will be equipped with:

  • Knowledge about managing construction projects; simple infrastructure investment procedures, bidding documents, analyzing bidding dossiers, supervising owners.
  • Knowledge about measurement, examination, research and processing data about testing on building materials, geodetic procedures.
  • Know how to implementate construction procedures: create bidding dossier, building infrastructure, install equipment, establish as-built drawing
  • Have graduate thesis, internship related to major

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