Information Technology (Japanese Market-Oriented)

Graduates of the Japanese market-oriented Bachelor of Information Technology program can well meet the job requirements as an IT engineer in Japan as well as some other developed countries; at the same time, they can also apply for higher education programs at domestic and foreign training institutions, especially in Japan.

Graduates of this training program will be equipped with:

  • Basic, important and modern knowledge of Information and Communication Technology, focusing heavily on the processes of building and implementing software projects, integrating, managing and operating information systems and some other related knowledge;
  • Highly practical skills focused on software engineering; mastery and proficiency in analysis, design, construction, installation, maintenance, development and administration of systems, programs and projects;
  • Important soft skills to work in the IT enterprise environment in general and Japanese environment in particular;
  • Japanese language skills to communicate with foreign colleagues about professional or common social issues.

More details of the aforementioned curriculum at 629.qd ban hành CT CNTT Nhật Bản
More details of the curriculum applied for enrollment from 2019 and after: QĐ 1523 CNTT NB

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