Agricultural Technology

The Bachelor Agricultural Technology program aims to educate its graduates who major in Information technology, digital technology, electronic and telecommunication, automation, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc with the necessary knowledge about agriculture and plants, castles and marines creature with the view to developing and applying advanced technology in agriculture, which can boost the performance in agricultural production and manufacture effective agricultural products with high value and competitive in the domestic market as well as global market.

This program also acquires the students with the ability to:

  • Design, create, exploit, operate and maintain the system used in agriculture and manage the high-quality technology in agricultural systems based on fundamentation of control engineering, information technology, media, and automation.
  • Develop and apply technology procedures for farming of plants, cattle, and aqua creatures; advance bio-products which are applied for agriculture.
  • Gain knowledge about agricultural value chains, agricultural technology market in domestic and international, ability to manage high-quality agricultural projects, agricultural production system, and classification of agricultural products.

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For students who enrolled from 2019:


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