Engineering Mechanics (2018 version for the QH-2018 course onwards) (PhD’s Program)

The doctoral program in Mechanical Engineering is designed to train experts in the field of mechatronics with high professional qualifications, high skills, independent research ability and the ability to solve problems. Scientific and practical problems of engineering related to mechanics.

   PhDs in Mechanical Engineering can work in related fields such as mechanics, construction, structural engineering, marine engineering, machine-building technology, electrical-electronics, control engineering, and automation. chemical, aerospace, space technology… of domestic and foreign corporations and enterprises; can chair and lead research groups; participate in teaching and research at universities and research institutes; has the ability to think synthetically and highly adapt, has the ability to serve well, has the ability to self-research, self-training, perfecting and developing.

    See detailed curriculum content at Decision.1154_Issuing Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering 2018

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