Robotics Engineering

The programme aims to educate engineers of Robotics Engineering major with solid foundations of science and related technologies, who are capable of:

  • Designing and building robotics systems, including both software and hardware, based on precise mechanical foundations, dynamics engineering, and control engineering.
  • Developing knowledge and practical applicability of fundamental science, mathematics, electrical science, electronics, and information science related to Robotics Engineering major.
  • Developing knowledge and skills required for future careers revolving Robotics Engineering major. 
  • Understanding the interactions between Robotics Engineering major and society, business, technologies, and environment.

More details of education frame at 247.qd_ban hành chương trình đào tạo Kỹ thuật Robot.

For those, whose enrollments from 2019 and after, refer to Ngành Kỹ thuật robot education programme.

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