Energy Engineering

This is the program that trains engineer human resources in Energy Engineering so that they are capable of mastering fundamental and advanced knowledge about energy, have the ability to practice well, apply their knowledge and practical skills to research and put them into effect. Engineers who graduate from Energy Engineering will have chances to work for domestic companies and international companies that activate in modern and traditional energy fields, universities and related research institutes.

  • About knowledge:

Equipped with systematic and modern knowledge, which is suitable for advanced training programs in the world: General knowledge about natural science, social science and humanity, foreign languages; other fundamental knowledge such as computer science, physic outline, mechanical engineering; foundational knowledge about energy; advanced knowledge solar energy – oriented.

  • About ability

Engineers who graduate from Energy Engineering are able to apply basic and advanced  knowledge to research, analyze, design, implement, manage technologies and energy systems; ability to design, manufacture, experiment materials, equipments used in energy engineering, energy system,…; ability to work for implement and operational technique.

  • About attitude

Making sure engineers have good politic quality; disciplined awareness; working in team spirit and good communication skill.

Detail: QĐ 1531 KTNL

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