International standard program in computer science

The curriculum aims to create high-quality human resources of international standard in the field of Computer Science (KHMT), capable of studying and working in research institutes and large corporations in the field of information technology of Vietnam as well as foreign.


Specific objectives:
1. About knowledge Equipping students:

+ Systematic and modern knowledge, suitable for advanced training programs in the world;

+ Comprehensive knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, foreign languages;

+ Background knowledge in the Computer Science, such as the mathematical background in the Computer Science, programming, data structures and algorithms, analysis, design and evaluation algorithms, information theory, translation programs, artificial intelligence;

+ General knowledge in IT such as software engineering, database, computer network, computer architecture;

+ Programming skills in languages, advanced programming environment, high practicality and many practical applications;

+ The ability to use English for self-updating knowledge and working in IT environment in the world.

2. About capacity
Ensure graduates have:

+ Good logical thinking, creative ability to solve specific application problems. Self-learning ability to grasp new technologies, tools and skills in software development;

+ Ability to work as a high level programmer for software development companies and systems of domestic and foreign companies. Particularly suitable for locations in areas that require modern and innovative technology such as developing intelligent systems, interactive robots;

+ Ability to work in a variety of positions within the leading IT development and application organizations in the country;

 3. About the attitude
Ensure graduates have:

+ Good political qualities;

+ A sense of discipline, a working style of science, serious, professional ethics on information protection, copyright;

+ Teamwork spirit, regular discipline and communication skills.



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