Educational system

         Undergraduate Education: The university offers 14 training programs in which: high quality in accordance to Circular 23 (02), international standard (02), high quality (01) and standard program (09) beside the four programs are double-degreed. The official educational scale is 3,000 students, of which the students of the international standard programs and high quality, accounting for 12.58% of the total university training scale.

Based on the two educational programs under the branch-developing plan, the international level (which was invested by VNU in 2008, called the strategic task), have verified the quality acceptable for the net of Asian Universities  (in abbreviation is AUN) UET continues to develop its educational programs on Computer Science and Technology of Electronics and Communications to become a quality training program. Highly towards socialization in line with Circular 23 of Ministry of Education and Training.

In 2017, the school developed three new educational programs including Computer Engineering, Engineering Technology – Transportation and Information Technology oriented to the Japanese market. This is the first program that students have another choice for a foreign language rather than  English as well as in the implementation of education closely and in-depth with the enterprises.

Postgraduate training: The university offers 12 master’s training programs and 8 doctoral training programs, including 2 international training programs (1 master, 1 doctor). The size of the master’s training is 300 students, the doctor degree is 70 students.

Developing the team from the point of view of each lecturer is a scientist, lecturer who has many achievements in scientific research and passion for teaching and training young generation is a main aim of UET. Educational activities are closely linked with scientific and practical research at enterprises.

The system of organizing the examination and evaluation of students’ learning results is organized according to rigorous procedures, ensuring the equality and objective evaluation of students’ and learners’ results. The school focuses on quality assurance of educational programs. The programs have been verified according to AUN standards (Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Computer Science), according to the standards set by VNU (Engineering Physics, Mechanical Engineering). Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering, Information Systems, Software Engineering).

The lecture system is equipped with advanced teaching aid equipments; computer rooms and laboratories for teaching practice have been upgraded and supplied regularly with billions of VND each year. In 2016, the school put into operation the executive office of high-quality educational programs and launched the students’ self-studying room with full facilities.

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