FISU – A connection bridge between research units and training units in the field of Information and Communication Technology

On 06/04, the Faculty of Information Technology, a part of the University of Engineering and Technology, hosted the National Congress to establish the Vietnam Club of Faculties – Institutes – School – Universities of ICT, FISU.

Attending the meeting were Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hung – Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Nguyen Son Hai – Director of Information Technology Department (Ministry of Education and Training), Mr. Nguyen Long – Vice President of Secretary General of Vietnam Informatics Association and 100 delegates from the research and training units in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

VNU has Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Duc – Deputy Director of VNU. The UET has Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Ba Son – Vice Rector with leaders, staffs in Information Technology Faculty.

FISU-indispensable and objective release

Over the course of more than nine years, from the beginning of the formation of the idea and the process of linking the research and training units in the field of information and communication technology (ICT), Faculty – School – Institute of Information Technology has been established and marked by the National Congress of founding the Faculty – School – Institute of Information Technology. The first term of the FISU marked the 25 years of development of the ICT sector since the national ICT development program in Vietnam, in which the role of the department , schools, institutes of information technology to train high quality human resources in the spearhead technology is ICT. From only 10 IT departments in the early 1990s, we have about 150 IT faculties in IT-enabled universities, 10 IT institutes and 100 IT departments in colleges. We have a large team of young professionals, have good qualifications, are well trained in countries with high levels of development in ICT. This is an important factor in ensuring and deciding the quality of human resources for IT and for Vietnam in the current and future time.

The birth of FISU ,by Assoc. TS. Pham Bao Son assessment, is inevitable, objective process. He also shared that go through the development process of thinking to name, correcting ideas, principles, goals and directions of activities, FISU has reached the stage of implementing the congress of founding. ICT is a science was born and developed after a number of other field but has a rapid development. Up to now, ICT has become one of the most important sectors, the common foundation for many modern science and technology sectors. ICT is everywhere, becoming a universal term, an indispensable field of society. The promotion of training, research and application of ICT development in production, management and socio-economic development is one of the top priorities of many countries in the world in general and Vietnam in particular.

Vice Rector of UET emphasized that from the beginning of our country there are 7 key IT departments, so far there are 250 IT departments in universities and colleges. Linking and collaborating in training and research in this area is extremely important and FISU is a demanding objective. Faculty of IT is precursor of IT Faculty of Hanoi General University – one of the 7 key IT faculties in the country. Over 20 years of strong development with IT staff of over 60 PhDs and 30% of Professor, Associate Professor.The school in general and the faculty in particular hope to receive FISU’s advice and criticism on ICT development orientation as well as training and academic exchange activities with FISU member units throughout the country.

Speaking to the importance of FISU, Vice Minister Nguyen Thanh Hung affirmed that the Science and Technology Club of the Vietnam Institute of Information and Communication Technology plays an active role in shaping the human resources to meet international standards. Currently, Vietnam has 250 universities and colleges have IT training but the quality of students is uneven, the link between schools is weak. The establishment of FISU creates a collaborative community between IT training schools and IT standardization, and the quality of resources is enhanced. Since then, it has contributed to strengthening the IT index of Vietnam in the world. Ministry of information and communication hope that the IT Association of Vietnam and FISU together with the IT training units … coordinated in the research, application and adjustment of ICT standards close to international standards.

“The place of integration in the field of information technology.FISU is a place for gathering, connecting, orienting, sharing on training and research, to have a common voice in ICT development, teaching and research activities. It will bring about good benefits to its members and contribute positively to the community and society in terms of curriculum development, updating new technologies, organizing conferences, scientific conferences and training, to train new technologies, to build specialized certificates of international and regional standards, to connect enterprises and to contribute to Vietnam’s role in the region and in the world”. This is the viewpoint of Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thanh Thuy – President of FISU term 2018 – 2021.

Once again, FISU is the place to link ICT units, Mr. Nguyen Long said that FISU was created to unite teachers of IT departments to further develop their talents, intellectual property in IT human resource activities, scientific and technological activities. At the same time, to well perform the role of advising the Vietnam Informatics Association on planning and proposing solutions contributing to the development of the IT industry. The birth of FISU aims at stimulating the potential and promoting the role of the team of scientists in the field of development of the IT human resource, training to meet the requirements of developing the country during the revolutionary period Industrial 4.0. Prof. Nguyen Huu Duc said that VNU has 4 units operating and training in the field of IT including University of Natural Sciences, University of Engineering and Technology, Institute of Information Technology and French Language Institute. This event is the cornerstone of the development of the industrial revolution 4.0. Besides the trend of developing research-oriented universities, VNU is gradually turning into a smart university oriented to innovate. Since then, FISU must be the first place to bring the spirit of start-up, innovation to create to each school so that IT students can become capable to do so.

The club is a branch of the Vietnam Association for Information Technology, in accordance with the principles, purposes and regulations of the Association. FISU carries out all activities related to ICT resource training, research, development, transfer and ICT services in various forms, in accordance with the law and regulations of the Vietnam Association for Information Technology.

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