In 2017, the University of Engineering and Technology continues to affirm its position in all activities towards international standards, contributing to creating value and branding of the school in particular and VNU in general. Here are some highlights and highlights in 2017.

I. Typical Events

  1. The VNU Director works with the Party Committee and the Board of Direction to speed up the development of the UET in terms of scope of activities.

On June 19, 1977, VNU Director worked with the Party Committee, the Board of Directors directed the UET to implement measures to speed up the development in terms of scale and field of activities, striving to 2022. In the coming time, VNU will focus on investment and development of new fields such as aerospace technology, agricultural technology and energy technology. This is an important step to promote the development of VNU. University need to review, adjust their vision, develop strategies, set targets for rapid breakthrough speed and expand the scale. In particular, to focus on adjusting the organizational structure, apparatus, plans to develop training programs, new units in accordance with the new situation. Enhancing the capacity of university administration, reviewing the restructuring of specialized units and functional divisions in a streamlined and efficient manner; step up the application of information technology in executive management.

  1. Launched the School of Aerospace Technology on 18/12/2017

The School of Aerospace Engineering (SAE) belongs to UEt and is a subsidiary of Viettel Military Telecom Corporation officially launched. This is a special cooperation model between a leading training center, pioneering research and a leading service – technology group in Vietnam. VNU also approved the aerospace technology engineering training program to reach the standards of the world’s leading universities.

SAE has the function of training and providing highly qualified human resources for aerospace technology at the university and postgraduate level. Short-term training programs according to social demand. Research on cutting-edge technologies and foundations in the field of nuclear science; develop technologies and S & T products in the field of nuclear energy to meet the civil and security requirements and requirements of the country; implementing products and services in the field of social-environmental technology based on social needs and enterprises.

  1. The Research, Innovation and Technological Development Center (JTIRC) is a collaborating between the University of Engineering and Technology and the University of Technology in Sydney to enhance the training of associate fellows.

On March 17, 2017, UET collaborated with Sydney UNIVERSITY (Australia) to launch the Research, Innovation and Technology Development Center based in UET in order to carry out the training of doctoral students. . Facing this cooperation, on October 31, 2017, UET and Sydney UNIVERSITY signed a three-way partnership with FPT Corporation in the field of training high-quality human resources. The three sides will organize training programs, exchanges of students and staff, exchange of information … for research, innovation and development purposes.

II. Typical achievements

  1. To perfect the organization and apparatus of scientific research, promote research, innovation and creativity.

By the end of 2017, there will be 41 science and technology organizations from the Department level to key laboratories and research institutes.

The UET basically improves the organization and apparatus of scientific research, creating an environment that promotes research, innovation and creativity. The University has put into operation two key laboratories (VNU) (with the full operational mechanism, seal and account) as the key laboratory in two field: Integral Intelligent Systems and Microenterprises Micro and Nano Technologies. Establish and put into operation the Advanced Institute of Technology (with its own seal and account) with the vision to become an excellent research center in Vietnam in the fields of Information Technology Electronics, Communications, Mechatronics, Robotics …; developing 05 departmental-level labs; put into operation 02 workshops for training and research including Mechanical Workshop – automation, Microelectronic Workshops.


2. Well implement the roadmap for development of branches, branches and training majors

In 2017, UET has made a breakthrough in terms of training scale, reaching the enrollment scale of over 1,000 students for the first time. This is also the year the university have been assigned by VNU to recruit 03 new training programs: Computer Engineering, Engineering Technology in Construction – Transportation and Bachelor of Information Technology in accordance with Japanese standards. The High quality training programs in accordance with Circular 23/2014 / TT-BGDDT have achieved good results, continue to be highly regarded by the society. 

3. Colleges and students have won many prizes at national and international competitions.

a) DoIT – “Document Enhancement System “of the group consists of 3 members: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Ba Bao Son, Associate Prof. Dr. Le Anh Cuong, PhD. Vo Dinh Hieu won the second prize of Vietnam Talent Award in 2017. The DoIT includes two basic features: spell checking and duplicate detection for Vietnamese documents. The system can handle documents in many popular formats: doc, docx, pdf, ppt, etc. With the DoIT spell checker, . Duplicate Detection will indicate that sentences / paragraphs in the document are duplicated with the sentences / paragraphs of the documents in the database of the system. There are three levels of overlap, including high, low, and medium, and are represented by three colors. Users can share, send documents through the system. Readers can experience the product at http: // or at

b) Four consecutive years UET has a highly qualified team at the ACM / ICPC International Student Programming Competition in Asia and is attending the Global Finals.In 2017, the LINUX team (consisting of three members Pham Van Hanh, Nguyen Duc Duy and Phan Duc Nhat Minh) won the ACM / ICPC Asia region final, taking part in the US final in the US and ranked 34 / 128 teams participated. In qualifying in Asia, at Ho Chi Minh City examination area from 5-8 / 12/2017, Unsigned team won the championship and will be present at the final round ACM / ICPC exam held in Beijing in April 2018. In 2016, BYTE team (consisting of 3 members Pham Van Hanh, Do Ngoc Khanh and Nguyen Tien Trung Kien) won ACM / ICPC Asia Championship at Hanoi examination area and rank 2 in BangKok has been selected to participate in the Global Finals and has won the 29th position (the highest ranking of the Vietnam teams ever), put Vietnam into the 14th place at the ACM / ICPC 2016 competition.In 2015, the Java# team(Nguyen Duc Nam, Nguyen Phan Quang Minh and Do Xuan Viet) was the only representatives of Vietnam to participate in the global final round of the International Student Programming Contest ACM / ICPC 2015, has won the 20th place in the total number of participating countries and is the highest ever to Vietnam for this exam.

c) Dr. Ha Minh Hoang and student Pham Van Hanh are two of the nine individuals in the country to be awarded the Young Scientist Award, Golden Globe in 2017. Since the award began in 2003, the UET has 11 members (7 cadre and 4 students) to receive this award.

d) UET continues to lead among the technology universities with many students receiving the Honda Yes. Specifically, in 2017 the school has 3/10 students won the award. Since its inception in 2006, UET’s students have won 34/120 Honda Yes and 10/30 Honda Yes plus.


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