FIMO won the first prize at Cansat 2017-2018

On March 10, over 5 other teams, the FIMO team ( Interdisciplinary integrated technology center supervises the scene ) of the University of Engineering and Technology won the first prize at Cansat 2017-2018

This is the second time the CANSAT contest has organized in Vietnam with the topic “Air Quality Monitoring”, organized by the Vietnam Space Center under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology in collaboration with the Military Academy of Technology for CanSat Day 2017-2018.

With this theme, the contest attracted many students from many universities in the country. In the finals, the jury selected five excellent teams to attend the CanSat 2017 – 2018 Festival. Of which, FIMO (University of Engineering Technology, Vietnam National University) is one of five teams selected. 04 remaining teams of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, University of Transport Technology, University of Information Technology (National University of Ho Chi Minh City) and Union Secondary School of Thai Binh.

At the end of the presentation, on the results obtained accurately and reasonably, the organizers decided that the team won the first prize of FIMO (including students Ngo Xuan Truong, Nguyen Van Hai, Do Thanh Cong, Tran Trung Kien) received 5 million VND worth of certificates, and two Vallet scholarships worth 16 million VND for each scholarship; The second prize is UNI – INSPIRATION team from University of Information Technology (National University of Ho Chi Minh City) and third prize belongs to YCC – KIO team from University of Transport Technology.

“Taking part in this CanSat competition, we have the opportunity to study, exchange and especially have the opportunity to work directly with space technology engineers at the Vietnam Space Center, experience through direct participation in design, manufacture, integration and satellite testing. This is also a great opportunity for students who are passionate about space technology to create a premise for future scientific and technological research activities. ” said by the first prize team.

Cansat – also known as a satellite in a water cans – is a model that simulates actual satellite in orbit, used for a variety of educational purposes. The volume of Cansat is in the range of 1kg, which is integrated in a small structural frame, about the size of a can of water.

The operation of Cansat is similar to the use of space-based satellites: after being transported to the appropriate altitude, the satellite will be separated from the launch vehicle (by the satellite operator or of the launching vehicle); after a certain period of time, the satellite systems are activated and perform the operational script as well as the task that has been designed.

The competition is designed to help future engineers get a glimpse into the real technology of satellite manufacturing, and to stimulate the creativity of young engineers in delivering applications. Take the technology of satellite manufacturing into real life. This is also considered as the premise for the promotion and development of satellite manufacturing technology in Vietnam. Every year, the Cansat design and usage contests are designed for students, organized by the aerospace organizations around the world with the goal of creating a healthy and rewarding playground as well. Encourage the unlimited creativity of young people in the field of science and technology in general as well as space science and technology in particular.

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