Continue to maintain and promote the effectiveness of strategic cooperation between VNU University of Engineering and Technology and Institute of Mechanics

On the occasion of 15 years of establishment (2004-2019) and 20 years of tradition (1999-2019) of VNU University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University (VNU), on May 17 2019, VNU University of Engineering and Technology and Institute of Mechanics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology organized the signing ceremony for the period of 2019-2024 on collaboration activities in model of cooperating unit.

Attending the ceremony, to the part of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, there were Prof. Nguyen Dinh Duc – Director, Academic Affairs Department. On Institute of Mechanics side, there were Prof. Dinh Van Manh – Director, Prof. Nguyen Viet Khoa – Vice-Director, Prof. La Duc Viet – Vice-Director. On VNU-UET side, there were Prof. Nguyen Viet Ha – Rector, Prof. Pham Bao Son – Vice-Rector and leaders from functional departments. Besides, the celebration also witnessed the appearance of the former managers who have been attached to the formation of the cooperation model between two units, namely Prof. Nguyen Huu Duc – Former Vice- President of VNU, former Rector of VNU-UET and Prof. Nguyen Dong Anh – Former Director of Institute of Mechanics, Prof. Ha Quang Thuy – former Vice-Rector of the VNU-UET.

Achievements after 15 years of cooperating unit model

Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation is a training unit belonging to the VNU-UET, built and operated under the coordination model between the VNU-UET and the Institute of Mechanics since its inception. It can be said that the Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation is a new and typical model of the cooperation: the University – Research Institute – Industrial Group in the field of training and scientific research. The most striking feature of this model is the organization and management in the form of both concentration and dispersion in people and facilities.

Prof. Pham Manh Thang reported the results after 15 years of cooperation between VNU-UET and Institute of Mechanics

Prof. Pham Manh Thang – Dean of the Faculty said from the first courses K49 in 2004 and K50 in 2005 with more than 30 students. Up to now, after 15 years, the student scale has increased to 250 students / year. By the end of March 2019, the Faculty had trained more than 800 students of Mechatronics Engineering and Engineering Mechanics; For post-graduate training, beside Engineering Mechanics, the Faculty has developed new training disciplines such as Master of Mechatronics and Doctor of Mechatronics Technology. In the school year of 2018-2019, with the direction of VNU and experts’ support, the Institute and the University, the Faculty has actively opened a new training industry on control and automation techniques. In terms of facilities, from the early days of establishment and collaboration, the Institute has used the facilities of the Institute of Mechanics.

From 2007-2008, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Duc proposed the idea of ​​building an industry-oriented interdisciplinary workshop combining practical theoretical training with the name of Mechanics-Electronics-Informatics workshop. In 2017, with the establishment of Mechanic – Automation Factory, students had more opportunities to practice directly with CNC machines, milling machines, manual robot welding machines, etc. In the process of developing training programs, one of the objectives of the Faculty is training graduates who have the ability to compete in terms of career and qualifications. Therefore, graduates have certain added values ​​outside the general theory, students also have skills in system programming, embedded, control on PC or application software, …
These skills will become strength and career adaptability higher than other students. In the process of international cooperation, students also have the opportunity to exchange with foreign universities and enterprises such as Paris Polytechnic University, Marseille University, Caen University (France), and Stanford University (USA), Osaka University, Tokyo University (Japan), LG Group, Samsung Group, Hyundai … Currently, the Faculty has cooperated with the Korea Foundation for International Cooperation of Science and Technology (KICOS) on human resource exchange with two Korean experts working at the faculty. Regarding scientific research, two units have combined in the publication of more than 200 scientific papers.

These achievements are also affirmed by Prof. Ha Quang Thuy again after 15 years of organizing the coordination model between the VNU-UET and the Institute. Currently,the  Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation has gradually grown and become the second faculty in the VNU-UET in terms of training scale. This achievement is the common contribution of teachers and students directly in the Faculty and Institute of Mechanics, … From the early days of establishment, Institute of Mechanics has devoted a lot of space to the career of training students, both the facilities and the teaching support from the staff of the Institute of Mechanics.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Duc highly appreciated the effective cooperation between the two sides after 15 years of cooperation and development. Professor comfirmed if there is no future vision of the Founding Principal of VNU-UET-  Prof.Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu and of the school’s policy, it is very difficult for Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation to establish. Subsequently, the model was expanded by the cooperation results between VNU-UET and IMI Holding, Ministry of Industry and Trade, on the basis of cooperation agreements signed. Today, during the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the training thinking that students need is a model of contacting between businesses and research institutes. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation is one of the faculties with sprouting training aspects in 4.0 industrial factors. Therefore, the coordination model of the Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation with the Institute of Mechanics is completely a new typical model of practical and enterprise cohesion, efficiently. However, training programs should include start-up related courses to help students have a foundation and success in the field of being trained.

Promoting cooperation between the two sides in the period 2019-2024

Rector Nguyen Viet Ha spoke at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Nguyen Viet Ha – Rector of VNU-UET emphasized that the cooperation between the VNU-UET and Institute of Mechanics has affirmed the high effectiveness of the university-institute cooperation model in training high-quality human resources, attaching training with social needs. Prof. Nguyen Viet Ha also said that in the coming time, it is necessary to further promote the exploitation and use of human resources and facilities on both sides to create top-quality training products and access to international standards.

                                                   Prof. Dinh Van Manh highly appreciated the cooperative relationship between the two sides

Prof. Dinh Van Manh –  Director, Institute of Mechanics highly appreciated the cooperative relationship in training and scientific research between the two units. He said, in order to promote the cooperation results achieved in the past, in the 2019-2024 period, Institute of Mechanics continues to coordinate with VNU-UET in building, improving and implementing training programs, orient training activities, science, technology and services. At the same time, Institute of Mechanics assigns highly-qualified scientific staff to meet the standards of VNU-UET to participate in the leadership of departments and cooperating departments, as well as to participate in leading the research directions and teaching.

The agreement signing ceremony was organized successfully

According to the cooperation agreement for the period of 2019-2024, the two sides will implement training and scientific research activities in the field of mechanical and automatic control. Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation is a cooperating division between VNU-UET and Institute of Mechanics to carry out the graduate and postgraduate training missions and scientific research assigned by the University and the Institute.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dong Anh said that the Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation has developed successfully as today because the Faculty has met the actual needs, not only science but also engineering technology. Graduates show clearly technology skills. Graduates’ products are associated with practices such as automatic door systems, environmental quality assessment systems or cargo transport robots, etc. On the basis of improving basic research and continuing to promote special strength of the faculty on laboratories, practice workshops. In the coming time, VNU-UET should continue to invest in more synchronous equipment so that students have the opportunity to improve and perfect the Institute of Mechanic equipment to continue serving and developing for Engineering Mechanics students. At the same time, Institute of Mechanics will continue to promote and develop staff to contribute to improving the quality of education.

Sharing viewpoint with Prof. Nguyen Dong Anh, Prof. Nguyen Dinh Duc emphasized that the two units need to come up with policies to attract and develop high-quality cadres. In addition to the high quality program, an international cooperation program is needed to offer 2 + 2 programs with international universities. VNU-UET and Institute should promote business cooperation to develop job opportunities for students. In terms of facilities, the school needs to invest and further improve the conditions of lecture halls, laboratories for students.


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