The signing ceremony between VNU-UET and IMRA Japan (Phrase II)

On May 22rd 2019, VNU University of Engineering and Technology held signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET) and Imra Japan Company Limited (IMRA) led by Mr. Masao Ando – President of IMRA JAPAN, Mr. Hiroyuki Yamakawa – General Manager of Innovation Laboratory, Mr. Masafumi Kobayashi – General Manager of General Affairs Department.

Attending the ceremony, there was the presence of Prof. Nguyen Viet Ha – Rector, Prof. Pham Bao Son – Vice-Rector, Dr. Pham Minh Trien – Deputy-Director, Department of Science, Technology and International Relations.

Signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between VNU-UET (right) and IMRA (left)

At the signing ceremony, two sides agreed on cooperation and development in research to create products in the fields of Energy and Biotechnology; Plasmon and water splitting; Semiconductor materials and batteries; Energy conversion materials; Physics in low-dimensional materials; Electronic photoelectric materials; Conversion system, energy saving and environmental treatment. Accordingly, two sides will exchange staff and researchers to Japan to work together and cooperate in researching areas of mutual interest. Phase 1 (2014-2019) starts in 2014, two sides have cooperated for the first time in training and research. From 2014 up to now, VNU-UET has 04 researchers working at IMRA. In addition, two sides will jointly organize annual workshops between Faculty of Engineering Physics and Nanotechnology and IMRA. In the coming time, two sides will continue to promote activities in field of exchange of staff and PhD student and organize seminars to promote the strength of cooperation and development.

The signing ceremony was organized successfully

IMRA Japan Co. Ltd. was founded in 1990, currently located in Sapporo, Japan. IMRA Japan Co. Ltd. focuses on research in the fields of Nanoscience and Science, renewable energy and catalytic chemistry.


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