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ReSoNoC project

Reconfiguration Solution in Designing Network-on-Chip Architectures (ReSoNoC)

Thanks to the rapid evolution of semiconductor technology, designers integrate more and more processing units (i.e., Intellectual Properties or IPs) into a System-on-a-Chip (SoC) to meet the high demand of new applications. A globally shared bus cannot meet the increasing demand of on-chip communication for exchanging data between IP cores and the system design encounters many problems such as clock skew, limited throughput, power efficiency, scalability and flexibility. The Network-on-Chip (NoC) paradigm has been emerging as a promise solution for the on-chip communication in complex SoCs. The advantages of a NoC based architecture are numerous: high scalability and versatility, high throughput with good power efficiency. Many research groups (research centers, universities, industries) have initiated many research activities on NoCs, even 3D integration of NoCs, but there are still a lots of aspects need to be addressed to bring the NoC paradigm to commercial products, particularly, reconfiguration and optimization solutions for NoC architectures. In this research proposal, we will investigate to reconfiguration solutions, which support dynamically reconfiguring the NoC architecture, to meet the requirements of target applications, especially, in terms of communication throughput, fault tolerance, and power consumption. To do that, the project will address a set of problems such as hardware design of NoC architectures (routers, interfaces, and topologies), routing algorithms and network protocols, application mapping, etc. to propose an efficient reconfiguration solution for designing NoCs. The proposed solution will be then validated in a developed NoC platform for proving its efficiency before being used.

This research aims at developing a reconfigurable NoC platform for designing NoC based systems. Therefore, the project includes the following main goals:

  • Investigate to NoC paradigm and develop a NoC platform for simulating and analyzing different parameters of NoC architectures.
  • Investigate and develop a global reconfiguration solution for NoC design, which will be applied for future NoC based systems. The proposed reconfiguration solution should be able to resolve the appearance of defects/faults in the system in order to guarantee the correct operation of the system. In addition, the solution should be used to manage effectively network resources as well as power consumption.


Key members:

  1. Xuan-Tu Tran, Principal Investigator
  2. Duy-Hieu Bui
  3. Nam-Khanh Dang
  4. Minh-Trien Pham
  5. Kiem-Hung Nguyen
  6. Thanh-Vu Le Van, PhD student

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