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Research opportunity for prospective students

If you are interested in the following research areas/topics, I would be very happy to discuss with you about the possibilities of working together in at our laboratory. Please note that the laboratory accepts only full-time studying students.

  • Reconfigurable NoC architectures; fault-tolerant NoC architectures.
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)/ Data Encryption Standard (DES).
  • Hardware design for Artificial Intelligent (Convolutional Neural Networks, Spiking Neural Networks).
  • IoT platforms and applications.
  • Low power techniques: DVFS/AVFS.
  • Motion Detection algorithms and hardware architectures.

Selected candidates will have:

  • an opportunity to work with a large team of Vietnamese and foreign professors/experts;
  • a possibility to get financial supports upon excellent performance;
  • a friendly-open working environment.

Financial support programs:

  • Good students with IELTS >= 6.0 have an opportunity to get financial supports from VNU-UTS JTIRC program (about 500 USD/month).

Please have a look at our on-going projects and at our publications.