Workshop “UET students and future career opportunities”

Implement the mission plan for the school year 2021-2022 and with the desire to equip students with knowledge and career orientation in the future. Today, The VNU University of Engineering and Technology collaborated with Samsung SVMC, Bosch, VMO and city alumni to organize the seminar program “UET students and future career opportunities”

Here, students heard experts introduce and share job opportunities in the fields of: Hardware, Embedded Software, Automation, Mechanics, Big Data, Blockchain, AI , ML, IoT…

Opening remarks, Dr. Bui Trung Ninh – Head of Student Affairs Department hopes that after this seminar, students will have a more in-depth look at the professions they are being trained in as well as future job opportunities when Technology develops and changes every day.

Dr. Bui Trung Ninh also on behalf of the Board of Directors thanked Samsung SVMC for always accompanying the University in training and research activities, as well as sponsoring scholarships for students and for events. Thank you to Bosch and VMO for your interest in the University’s training products, and to the alumni who have always accompanied the activities in the past time.

Dr. Bui Trung Ninh – Head of Student Affairs Department, speaking at the opening of the workshop

At the workshop, experts shared the view that graduation internship is an important time for students to accumulate experience and soft skills so that when they graduate, they can apply for jobs at internship companies or other companies. other businesses. Experts also spend a lot of time talking about how to answer interviews, necessary skills and ways to achieve employer satisfaction when you graduate.

Sharing frankly, Mr. Hoang Trong Tuan – Deputy Head of Human Resources at Samsung SVMC said that besides knowledge, attitude is the factor that you need to cultivate further. Some of you are quite confident when applying with a beautiful CV; I think that with such a degree, I have to ask for a commensurate salary. Therefore, you need to be aware that going to work is also going to school, the salary is not high because you also need to pay training fees for businesses. Once you have accumulated enough experience and technical skills, the business will find a way to “keep” you working for them by paying a decent salary. And if you are qualified, you will have the right to choose a job position, not just a job.

Mr. Hoang Trong Tuan – Deputy Head of Human Resources at Samsung SVMC sharing at the workshop

Before the workshop, most of the students did not have experience, practical skills or were still confused with no direction for the future; The students still don’t know what their goals will be when they finish studying. However, after about 3 hours of sharing and openly exchanging with experts, alumni, and students, they were very interested, excited and aware of the usefulness of this workshop.

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