University of Engineering and Technology(UET) students won high prize in the National Students Mathematics Olympic Contest in 2018

Students of the University of Engineering and Technology (Vietnamese National University, Hanoi) competed in the contest and were awarded 01 First, 4 Second and 3 Third prizes.

This year’s contest held from April 9 to 14 at Quang Binh University, with the participation of 90 delegations from 79 universities, institutes, colleges and 11 specialized schools all over the country and 800 participants attending the contest.

The National Students Mathematics Olympic Contest is an annual event organized by the Vietnam Mathematical Society in cooperation with educational institutions held annually since 1993 in order to motivate, to enhance and improve the quality of teaching and studying Mathematics and study movements , thereby can detect and foster students and pupils who are good at mathematics from different grades.

During the contest, contestants participated in many interesting activities,which help them  to gain the social knowledge and about history of Quang Binh land . In addition, Mr. Nguyen Canh Hoang was awarded the Diploma of Merit by the Ministry of Education and Training for his achievements in the student mathematical movements.

Previously, with the approval of the Board, through a process of serious recruitment, training, well-established standard training with the enthusiastic guidance of TS. Le Phe Do – lecturer in Faculty of Information Technology, team of UET participated in the contest including 9 students of Faculty of Information Technology.

Participating in the competition, UET is in the group of nonspecialized schools when competing with the schools specializing in mathematics such as the University of Sciences (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue …); University of Education (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh and Hue …). However, the team has proudly achieved that 8 out of 9 students won the prize.

Detailed results are : student Leu Van Duan (K59CA) won first prize in Algebra; Pham Van Hanh (K60CA), Tran Van Lien (K59CA), Nguyen Viet Thang (K61CLC), Le Ngoc Tuan Khang (K60CAC) won the second prize in Algebra; Nguyen Tien Nam (K60CA); Tuan Van Duan (K59CA), Tran Nhat Thuat (K59CA) won the Third Prize in Analysis.

With high achievements at the National Mathematics Olympiads, UET is proud to be among the top 10 highly-achieved schools, comparable to the top mathematical schools in the country that win 8 or more prizes annually.

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