University of Engineering and Technology co-operate in the field of recruitment and training with Nissan Automotive Technology Vietnam

On 06/04, University of Engineering and Technology (Hanoi National University) had a meeting and received the Nissan Automotive Technology Vietnam delegation, including Mr. Ishikawa Motohide – Senior Manager of Interior Design Department, Mr. Hamanaka Takeshi – Senior Manager of Vehicle Chassis Design, Mr. Omura Kazuyoshi – Senior Manager at CAD Data Center, Ms. Dang Thanh Huyen – Human Resource Manager, Ms. Pham Thi Thu Trang – Head HR department.

Also attended were Assoc. Chu Duc Trinh – Vice Rector, PhD. Nguyen Ngoc An – Deputy Head of Student Affairs, PhD. Dinh Trieu Duong – Dean of Communications Faculty, Assoc. Dang The Ba – Vice Dean of Faculty of mechanics and automation with representatives of Faculty of Physical Engineering and nanotechnology.

Nissan Automotive Technology Vietnam (NATV) is a subsidiary of Nissan Automotive Technology Group, which designs and researches cars for Nissan. It is in charge of CAD / CAE operations and supports both research and technical design.

At the meeting, representatives of the company said based on the survey in March 1818 on the number of employees working in the company now nearly 100 employees are colleges students. Therefore, the delegation would like to cooperate with the University through the training activities to suit the recruitment of the company; identify the students attend the faculty; internship program; recruitment workshop.

At the end of the meeting, Vice Chancellor Chu Duc Truong thanked the visit and work of the delegation, looking forward to the cooperation between NATV and the University will be promoted, especially in the field of training and recruitment students.

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