Enrollment information in 2021

Subjects of enrollment

– Students who have finished Vietnam’s high school program (formal education or continuing education) or graduated from an intermediate level (those who have graduated from the intermediate level but have not yet obtained a high school diploma must study and pass exams to meet the requirements of high school cultural knowledge according to current regulations). Those who have graduated from a foreign high school program (which has been permitted by the host country to do so, achieving a level equivalent to the Vietnamese high school level) abroad or in Vietnam.

– Healthy enough to study at VNU according to current regulations. For people with disabilities recognized by competent authorities as having deformities, reduced self-reliance in daily life and study, the President of the Admission Council will consider and decide the appropriate fields of study for specific health status.

• Scope of enrollment: The University of Technology enrolls students nationally and internationally.

• Admission methods :

+ Direct admission and priority admission according to the Admission Regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the specific regulations of VNU;

+ Admission based on high school exam results in 2021;

+ Admission based on the results of the competency assessment test for high school students organized by VNU;

+ Admission according to international certificates (A-LEVEL, SAT, ACT, IELTS), specifically:

(1) The candidate has an international certificate from Cambridge International Examinations, UK (Cambridge International Examinations A-Level, UK);

(2) Candidates whose results in the SAT standardized test (Scholastic Assessment Test, USA) score according to the regulations on the quality assurance threshold for the entrance of VNU;

(3) Candidates whose results in the standardized test ACT (American College Testing) achieve the score according to the regulations on the threshold for quality assurance of the entrance of VNU;

(4) Candidates with an IELTS score of 5.5 or higher or equivalent international English certificates and have a total score of at least 12 points in the remaining 2 subjects in the selected combination.

(-) * Experimental training courses (in italics)

(-) ** Training courses with tuition fee according to training quaility. All applicants should review the cost and English prerequisite of each training courses in…

(-) All training courses which have the same code (CN1, CN2, CN3, CN8): All admitted applicants will be classified into each training courses after the first year.

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