Strengthening the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic in University of Engineering and Technology

To carry out the Government’s directives according to Resolution 128/NQ-CP on 11/10/2021, Telegram no. 21/CD-UBND on 13/10/2021 from Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee and Official dispatch no. 3239/ĐHQGHN-CT&CTHSSV on 22/10/2021 from the Director of Vietnam National University – Hanoi regarding the deployment of methods to prevent Covid – 19 amidst new challenges, along with complications arise from the pandemic in Hanoi and various areas recently, the University requires all officials, teachers and students to strictly follow preventive measures listed below:

1. Comply with the 5K Requirement from the Ministry of Health; wearing a mask is mandatory in public, workspaces, schools, crowded areas, on public transport, …

2. Avoid gatherings, tours, picnics … if not necessary; The organizers must strictly abide by preventive regulations against Covid – 19 if one of the events above or similar takes place.

3. Security department must closely supervise health declaration procedures and mask requirements from guests in and out of buildings, and workers at corresponding units.

4. When Covid – 19 symptoms appear (Fever, Coughs, Difficulties in Breathing, Pain of Chest) or identified as F0, F1 or F2, seek immediate medical attention and inform the University at once through:

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