Meeting with Kanto Gakuin University, Japan

On 28 September, 2016, VNU-UET’s representatives meet with Kanto Gakuin University’s representatives, Japan, led by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Hiroyoshi Kiku.

VNU-UET’s representatives are: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Ha, Rector; Prof. Dr. Tran Xuan Tu, Head of Division for Science-Technology and Cooperation Development, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Phuong Thai, Head of Division for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Dang The Ba, Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation, Prof. Dr.Sc Nguyen Dinh Duc, Head of Lab for Advanced Materials and Structure.

The meeting purpose is to implement cooperation contents of the MOU signed between two sides. In fact, VNU-UET will dispatch lecturers to collaborate with partners from Kanto Gakuin University in research, student exchange, and postgraduate training.

Kanto Gakuin University’s representatives introduce about Material Surface Treatment Institute who led with success in metal galvanization on plastic surface in 1960. The technology has been applied in various areas, in particular in car industry. In future, the Institute will apply the technology into other areas such as health, electronics…
The Kanto Gakuin University was established in 1884 in Yokohama prefecture, Japan and lead in material surface technology and civil engineering. The University has 10 faculties with 11,000 students at undergraduate level and 4 faculties at postgraduate level.

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