Activities of Youth Union and Student Association

History of the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) – Vietnamese National University (VNU):

  • 1995 – 1999 period: formerly known as “Information Technology Department and Electrical, Telecommunication Technology Department – University of Science”
  • 1999 – 2004 period: Technology Department of VNU
  • 2004 – Present: University of Engineering and Technology – VNU with 9 staff departments, 7 training units while improving the scale and quality of training.

The Associated Organ of Vietnamese Students’ Association, Faculty, and the Youth Union consists of:

  • The Associated Organ of Vietnamese Students’ Association, Faculty of the IT Department with more than 2500 members
  • The Associated Organ of Vietnamese Students’ Association, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Department with more than 1000 members.
  • The Associated Organ of Vietnamese Students’ Association, Faculty of Physical Engineering and Nano Technology with almost 500 members.
  • The Associated Organ of Vietnamese Students’ Association, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering Institute with 200 members.
  • The Associated Organ of Vietnamese Students’ Association, Faculty of Construction Engineering – Transportation with more than 200 members.

At the moment, the Association is having 15 affiliated clubs, including:

  • SGUET-SupportGroupUET Club : Providing assistance for students to have an insight into the University’s background and its learning activities, movements; propagandizing the reputation of The VNU University of Engineering and Technology.
  • The Presentation Club : Developing students’ soft skills; with an aim to create an energetic, informal and friendly atmosphere; not only enhancing practical knowledge and skills but also applying them to real-world work.
  • HRTECH Club : The human resource club that bridges the gap between students and employers, builds a technical labour force having both speciality and soft skills.
  • PASSION Club : Where loves for arts gather, a place for you to share experience, help each other in learning different kinds of musical instruments.
  • The Students’ Association Library Club : The club manages documentations ( books, textbooks, reference books, press, etc ) in order to support students’ demands for studying and improve the reading culture. The Student blood donation club : To propagandize, campaign and raise awareness of every student about blood donation. Furthermore, the club also holds several volunteer events.
  • UETx Club : The UET Electronics and Automation club will have you to improve your coding skill, focus on teaching practical skills relating to embedded coding, and making IoT products.
  • UETLC : The communications club is the place for students interested in communications, marketing, branding, etc ; Providing conditions for everyone to share their hands-on experience of filming, photography, designing and writing.
  • UETFC : UET football club will be a suitable environment for the King sport’s fans, we will train together, share experiences, and make unforgettable memories.
  • EC : English club of UET is where we create an energetic atmosphere for our members via learning English and using this language practically. Also improving students’ learning outcomes.
  • B-UET : The badminton club is a promising playground for students, who indulge in playing badminton and want to release stress after hours of studying.
  • GALAXY SQUAD : The cheerleading team is for undergraduates both inside and outside of UET, inspiring and connecting those who have love for cheerleading.
  • LEADER OF THE MARKERS Club : Providing favorable chances for students to research sciences and begin a career.
  • JAPIT : Japanese Club is the place for members to share their interests in the Japanese language, people of this country and we will support each other to become better at Japanese.
  • AEROSPACES Club : Our slogan is “Desire-Act-Creative” , this is the home to those who have interests in Aerospace technology.

Every year, the Youth Union and the Students’ Association organize numerous activities which create environments for students to develop and improve: “Pride of UET Students” – An event for welcoming new students. The event is a special combination of three other events (UET Connect, UET Club’s Day, and the Vietnamese Youth TEchnopreneur Challenge – VYTEC), with activities such as: Launching the Students’ Scientific Research Movement of the academic year; Hosting the UET Connect – UET Club’s Day Camp; Hosting the semi-final of VYTEC 2020; Exchanging technology, creating internship and work opportunities at businesses’ camps; Reviewing the work of the Youth Union – Association and the Youth campaign; Commending the student of the year, and individuals that fulfill all of their responsibilities, while practicing good manner, skill, and professionalism; Annually commending the “students of 5 merits” of the university; Hosting the UET Connect concert.

  • Vietnamese Youth TEchnopreneur Challenge – VYTEC: The VYTEC is organized to create an opportunity for students to express their ideas and technological solutions and contribute to the Fourth Industrial Revolution in fields such as traffics, agriculture, industry, environment, healthcare, education, etc. The best ideas will receive support and investments from businesses to complete the products.
  • New students’ football tournament: A football tournament that creates a healthy and active playground for students; promoting the movement of physical training, and strengthening the spirit of solidarity among students. This event also helps to find players with potentials, which will be selected for the University’s football team.
  • UET Makerthon: A competition that creates opportunities for students to express and go beyond the limits of themselves, while also allowing intelligent, unique, and useful solutions and products relating to relevant technologies such as AI, IoT, etc., to be put forward. Students will get to communicate with those with similar ambitions and spread their passion to other students in the community. Additionally, students will be able to enhance their teamwork abilities through the time spent in the competition with their teammates within and outside the university.
  • Youth Union officials’ training is an annual activity at the beginning of the academic year that helps enhance essential soft skills and creates opportunities for the new generation’s Youth Union – Association personnel to interact, combining studying with playing to help students gain great knowledge for themselves and therefore contribute to many creative and beneficial activities for the students.
  • Cooperating with businesses to organize conferences and talk shows throughout the school year to enhance the students’ opportunities to find jobs, forming an active connection between the student and the employer. By participating in these conferences, the students can understand the real-world demands by the businesses and thus enhance their knowledge, while also getting to hear valuable experiences from the older generations of students.
  • UET Career Day: An event that connects students of technological majors with other businesses, enabling exchanges and professional recruitment orientation. With the participation of around 40 leading businesses from various fields: Telecommunication – Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics, Engineering Physics, Aerospace, etc., such as Viettel, Samsung, FPT, Toshiba, etc., along with numerous professional certification and skills training centers with thousands of internship and job opportunities for students.
  • UET Sports Festival: The UET Sports Festival is the school’s largest annual sports event organized to promote the spirit of sport and health for students as well as staff and lecturers. Participating in the Sports Festival, students will be able to compete in many games such as football, tug of war, badminton, chess, table tennis, etc.
  • Blue Summer (Exam Season Support campaign) and the Faraway Volunteer campaign. Coming to Blue Summer, students will put on the blue shirt of volunteers and contribute their youth to assist society. The Blue Summer volunteers line up in June and July every year, appearing at various exam sites to support candidates participating in the National High School Exam and their family members. The Faraway Volunteer squad lines up in July and August, with the task of going to areas in difficulties to support the construction of youth projects, opening English classes, and teaching STEM to children.
  • The contest “My class is Number One” is an annual activity to create an environment for members and students in the Association and Youth Union to interact with each other, increasing the spirit of cohesion in each member of the Association and Youth Union. This is also a beneficial playground for students to hone their knowledge, practice social skills as well as teamwork skills.
  • Voluntary blood donation is an annual voluntary activity with a high humanitarian spirit, demonstrating the mutual affection between people. The activity also aims to propagate widely to all staff and students the role of blood donation to save lives. Those who participate in blood donation will receive certificates and meaningful gifts.
  • Students can also participate in activities in different fields: Academic expertise activities: – “I’m brave” – UET Code Camp – Techno Race – VNU “Creative startup ideas” Competition – Students and Startup forum – Procon competition – Final – semester revision class – English class
  • Political education activities – Light up candles to express gratitude to veterans and martyrs – Students and traffic safety – Student of 5 merits – Teacher’s Day Tribute.
  • Culture, art and sport activities – Books trading day – Courteous lecture hall.
  • Voluntary activities: – Come home for Tet – Green Summer – Student admissions – applicant support – Warm winter – Activities to support the School Department.