Cooperation between VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET) and Samsung Display Vietnam (SDV) in postgraduate training

VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET) has been cooperating with Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. in the field of training and scientific research since 2014, up to now, VNU-UET has continued to cooperate with other companies of Samsung Group including Samsung Display Vietnam (SDV), which specializes in researching and manufacturing all kinds of OLED and LCD screens with the most modern technology for phones, televisions, computers,…The company was established in July 2014, up to now, the manpower scale has reached 45,000 employees.

Short, intensive courses for SDV staffs and engineers

Based on the cooperation agreement between VNU-UET and SDV, VNU-UET has organized a number of short-term training courses providing in-depth knowledge for SDV staffs and engineers. These courses have been highly appreciated by SDV in general and staffs, engineers in particular. The content of the training courses was compiled and taught based on the needs of SDV, in line with the specific research and development at SDV. They help SDV’s key engineers and staffs to improve new technology trends and apply effectively in daily work at the company. The courses have been conducted with topics related to: Automatic control, Industrial communications, Hardware system programming, Robot control and Industrial production lines, etc. The applicability and practical skills are the factors that are focused when developing teaching content.

On behalf of staffs and engineers participating in the training, Mr. Phan Duong Nam shared that the courses helped us gain more professional knowledge as well as strengthen our foreign language ability to develop ourselves in the process of working. During the studying period, the training program has close connection with SDV staffs and engineers’ professional knowledge. Therefore, after the course, we were supplemented with practical knowledge and skills in a number of fields such as machine manufacturing, automation and automatic control systems, etc. The most interesting thing is that the dynamic learning environment, modern teaching methods and teachers always create conditions for students to study and research to achieve their best results, especially to help students to immediately apply the knowledge learned to improve the efficiency of the work at the company.

VNU University of Engineering and Technology and Samsung Display Vietnam signed a cooperation agreement on training and scientific research

Factors that make the learners attractive

The professional knowledge and practice during the course of the course attracted and became an unforgettable experience for SDV staffs and engineers. Therefore, SDV also has a mechanism to encourage staffs to regularly update their knowledge, improve their qualifications and facilitate staffs and engineers to apply the learned knowledge to their jobs, as well as in the long run. In addition, SDV also cooperates with Department of Academic Affairs, VNU-UET to send 4-5 engineers to attend Master’s degree every year so that these cadres can have more intensive research.

 For SDV staffs and engineers, in addition to attending short-term training courses, they are also looking forward to being able to follow the VNU-UET’s Master’s and PhD programs. Mr. Le Kim Dung – Director of SATEC Center, SDV shared: “Excellent staff and engineers with good professional qualifications are the key force in the development of SDV. Therefore, in the coming time, SDV will have a plan to send more SDV staff and engineers to VNU-UET to make research and study Master degree. Mr. Dung believes that, with a professional training environment, the teacher has a lot of experience in practice as well as in-depth research and are dedicated in teaching and guiding students, SDV’s staff and engineers can achieve the best results during the learning time and research at VNU-UET.

Sharing the same opinion with Mr. Kim Dung, Mr. Nam shared that many students affirmed that in the future, if they have the opportunity to continue their intensive studies, they will VNU-UET because this is an environment with diverse research directions and the lecturers have a lot of practical experience as well as intensive research and are very enthusiastic in teaching and guiding students.



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