The 16th Student-level Scientific Research Conference: Enhancing students’ creativity and self-research skills

In order to encourage and promote students’ creativity and self-research activities, in the afternoon of June 10 2020, the VNU University of Engineering and Technology successfully organized the University-level Student Research Conference for 2019-2020 academic year at Sunwah Building.

Attending the conference on VNU side, there were Assoc. Prof. Vu Van Tich – Director of Science and Technology Department. On the side of VNU-UET, there are Prof.Dr. Chu Duc Trinh – Vice Rector, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Xuan Tu – Head of Department of Science, Technology and International Relations, along with leaders of faculties, institutes, research centers, functional departments, and students’ instructors. In particular, the conference has attracted the attention of many students in the school.

Student-level Scientific Research Conference for 2019-2020 academic year

This year, faculty-level committees had selected 16 projects (out of 36 scientific works in total of 104 students) which were proposed to attend the university-level student scientific research conference. In particular, there are many students used English to write their research works.

Some student’s projects have high practical applicability, can solve practical problems and have product samples, such as “Wide range smart irrigation system using control according to the prediction model “,” Building maps and positioning for robots operating in the indoor environment “,” Designing, manufacturing and controlling independent 4-level robotic arms “…

Vice-Rector Chu Duc Trinh gave a speech opening the Student Scientific Research Conference 

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Prof. Dr. Chu Duc Trinh sent congratulations to the students whose scientific works participated in the conference. The Vice Principal affirmed that the activities of students’ scientific research are an important annual event of the VNU-UET. Since its establishment, the University has traditionally held contests among students doing scientific research. This is the first process for students to step into the path of self-study, self-creation of knowledge that is learned and perfected for the future work of each student. During the time of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Organizing Committee was concerned about the organization and how to organize to continue the tradition of the VNU-UET, but still ensure the safety of lecturers and students. However, the scientific research movement of VNU-UET students has become an important annual activity, so although the preparation time is very short, the faculties in particular and the University in general are still determined to organize the conference in order that students can directly present their research results to the council.

Prof. Dr. Chu Duc Trinh also emphasized that the role of scientific research in training and society is extremely important. VNU-UET has always designed research-oriented training programs.  Therefore, students are taught the basic knowledge to create the connection that develops into practical top-notch technology products. These jobs can only be done when students have the creative ability and skills. Besides, self-study will help students gain experience.

          Many projects are highly appreciated and have practical applications

This is the third year that the student-level scientific research conference continues to be innovative in organization. With the goal of further strengthening innovation activities and enhancing entrepreneurship skills for students, apart from continuing to organize in open space, the Organizing Committee has arranged to let each group of students present their results for 2 minutes. This is an important skill for technology students.

Congratulations to the projects that won the first prize at the Scientific Research Conference of the VNU-UET in the academic year 2019 – 2020

9 second prize holders were awarded

The organizers awarded the third prize to the authors’ representatives

34 students with 16 projects attending the Scientific Research Conference in the academic year 2019 – 2020 evaluated the research process, learned about the topic that helped students train, equip the necessary skills and knowledge in scientific and technological activities. At the same time, this creates an academic environment, helps to share research experience in many fields, thereby fostering passion and nurturing students’ creativity.

From the score of the Scientific Council, the Organizing Committee honored 5 projects with the first prize, 9 projects with the second prize and 2 projects with the third prize. In which, there are 02 projects nominated to participate in the “Scientific Research Student Award” organized by the Ministry of Education and Training in the school year 2020-2021: “Joint chance-constrained staffing optimization in multi-skill call centers “Droplet on demand system utilizing a Y-junction microfluidic device for drug delivery applications” and 05 first prizes nominated to participate in the “Scientific Research Student Award” organized by Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Being one of two projects nominated to participate the “Scientific Research Student Award” organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, Dam Tien Thanh (K61CC) shared about the project of Joint chance-constrained staffing optimization in multi-skill call centers: “In the call center, there are service quality assessments, the research team’s project aims to improve service quality by selecting the best personnel, but the cost is minimal. In this project, the highlight is the introduction of a new constraint on service quality, this constraint wants all types of calls in the call center to reach the highest level”. In addition to practical applicability, the Committee also highly appreciated in connecting and coordinating between students with domestic and international lecturers. “Dr. Ha Minh Hoang, Dr. Mai Anh Tien (MIT, USA) and Dr. Ta Thuy Anh (Phenikaa University) had guided and supported me to give problems related to the call center and complete my scientific work”.

One of the 5 first-prize projects that are highly appreciated by the Committee is the work of Cao Quyet Thang (K61CC) and Nguyen Van Hieu (K61DB) on ” Wide range smart irrigation system using control according to the prediction model”. With the combination of two students from the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, it has shown the connection and exchange from students at the faculties of the universities. Cao Quyet Thang shared: “More than a year ago, Hieu and I attended the faculty-level students scientific research conference at the department level, but we hadn’t been still successful. Therefore, at this year’s conference, we both decided to “take revenge” and chose ” Wide range smart irrigation system using control according to the prediction model “. Because of the applicability of the project into agriculture, it helps farmers to irrigate more efficiently, save costs and ensure the automation of the system on a large scale for the farm. With the combination of two faculties, we are also more convenient in carrying out this interdisciplinary work. We will support and complement each other’s knowledge and divide the work based on each person’s strengths, specifically I will do some tasks relating information technology and Hieu will do the interface and circuit”.

 Hong Nhung (UET-News)

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