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VENGME project

Video Encoder for Next Generation Multimedia Equipment (VENGME)

The H.264/AVC is the current mainstream video codec standard for a variety of applications ranging from mobile services, video conferencing, digital broadcasting to IPTV, HDTV and digital storage media. With the rich set of new coding tools, H.264/AVC can achieve about 50% bit-rate reduction in comparison with the previous standards. The Video Encoder for the Next Generation Multimedia Equipment (VENGME) project aims at designing and implementing an H.264/AVC encoder in pure hardware targeting mobile platforms. The current design is optimized for CIF video; however, the architecture can be extended for larger resolutions by enlarging the reference memory and the search window. Our four-stage pipelining architecture has unbalanced schedule and enables applying low-power techniques. Efforts to achieve high throughput, small silicon area and low memory bandwidth have been implemented in all functional modules.