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Office: 207 - E3, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Ha Noi
Phone: 024-3-7547611
Office Hours: Wed 2-3pm or by appointment

I'm always looking for motivated undergraduate and graduate students who enjoy joining my laboratory. If you're interested, send me your CV or portfolio, transcript, and a description of what aspects of my research interest you or drop by my office.


I had been in the University of Tokyo, Japan for 9 years, from where I received the B.E., M. E. and Dr. E degrees in 2001, 2003, and 2006 respectively. After graduation, I have been working as a lecturer of the Faculty of Information Technology at VNU-University of Engineering and Technology until now. I also had worked as a researcher at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) for 3 years. Now I am an associate professor and the head of Department of Computer Communications and Networks. My research interests are in the area of mobile wireless networks, advanced computer networks, smart home and Internet of Things. I can speak Japanese well and play badminton and table tennis.


2006, PhD., Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, Japan
2003, M.E., Electrical Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan
2001, B.E., Information Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan

My research and work

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Research Interesting

• IoT and Smart Home

The simple concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is to allow all the things in the world to connect and exchange data with each other. When we bring IoT technologies to domestic space, we can introduce a new comfortable living environment called “smart home” in which various domestic services such as home automation, smart lighting, smart air conditioner, etc. can be provided to home users. In a smart home, IoT devices collect and send data they obtain from the real world to service providers, who analyze the data and send control commands to IoT devices to provide services to home users. In this research, we work on an IoT platform, which can simplify the deployment of IoT devices and allow service providers to easily deploy their services on smart homes. We also work on the optimization problems for smart home services by utilizing various kind of sensor data effectively.

• Cyber physical system (CPS)

Recently, research on cyber physical system (CPS) attracts a lot of attention. In CPS systems, information of physical space is handled by computers in cyber space in order to optimize the operation of control systems, which then act upon physical space. A CPS system can optimize the operation of services in a smart home, an agricultural farm, etc. In this research, we work on building physical models, which can represent the state of physical space and allow computers to calculate solutions for optimization of system operation. We also implement systems which can realize the approach of CPS systems in real environment. In these real systems, environment data gathered by sensor networks, such as temperature, humidity, solar radiation will be sent to computers, which analyze the data based on physical models and send optimized control commands to actuators.

• Quality of Service (QoS) for IoT devices

With the scenario of billions of IoT devices connecting to the Internet, the type and the number of IoT applications also quickly increase. Different challenges may arise during the deployment of IoT applications including the diversity of applications requirements, the limitation of network resources and device resources, … In this research, we focus on a Software Defined Network-based framework, which can collect and analyze information from IoT devices and network devices and manage network devices to enhance the QoS of network access services provided to IoT devices.

Funded Projects

1. VNU-funded project: Anomaly detection for IoT devices in smart home environment, 4/2021-4/2023
2. VNU-funded project: Thermal simulation for smart homes using sensor network data, 1/2016-1/2019
3. Nafosted-funded project: Research on Information Retrieval and Communication Technologies in Peer-to-peer Networks, 12/2009-12/2012
4. VNU-funded project: Implementation of Information Retrieval Application Based on Peer-to-peer Network Protocols, 2009-2010
5. VNU-funded project: Retrieval of Internet resource information using peer-to-peer network architecture, 2007-2008.


Network programming: Fall 07, Fall 08, Fall 09, Spring 16-20
Computer network: Spring 09, Fall 10, Spring 11, Spring 15-21
Wireless networks: Fall 10, Fall 11, Fall 15-20
Advance topics of network and computer communications (undergraduate and graduate course): Fall 07, Fall 08, Fall 09, Fall 10
Network security (graduate course): Summer 08, Summer 10
Distributed systems (graduate course): Spring 07, Summer 07, Spring 08, Spring 09, Spring 10, Spring 11