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[Last updated: Aug. 2018]

  Hoang Nam Nhat, Prof.
Laboratory of Low Dimensional Systems, Department of Magnetic Nanomaterials and Devices
Faculty of Engineering Physics and Nanotechnology
VNU-University of Engineering and Technology
Tel.: +84-43-754 9570
Fax: +84-43-754 7460
Address: Building E4, p203, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi, VN

Dipl. Eng. (1986) Slovak Technical University, Czechoslovakia
PhD. (1993) Slovak Technical University, Slovakia

1999-2006: Lecturer, Faculty of Physics, VNU-HUS
2006-present: Senior lecturer, VNU
2009: Vice-Director, Center for Materials Science, VNU-HUS
2010-2011: Director, Department of Research and International Relations, VNU-UET
2012-present: Faculty of Engineering Physics and Nanotechnology, VNU-UET
2012-2014: VNU Council for physics
2013-2015: NAFOSTED Council for physics
2014-present: Faculty of Engineering Physics Council

Main researches
Low dimensional and nanoscale solid state materials
Computational materials science

Copper oxide based spin chain systems (Asia Research Center Grant 2009-2011)
Nanofluids and Application (National Foundation for Science and Technology Development - NAFOSTED 2009-2012)
Nanoparticles in coating technology (Vietnam National University Hanoi Key Project Grant QGTD 09.04 2009-2011)
Quantum surface effects in low dimensional systems (NAFOSTED 2015-2017)
Efects of ion-implantation on structure and properties of nanostructure materials (NAFOSTED 2017-2019)

Group members
PhD students (ended):
Pham The Tan, 2008-2011, Hung Yen College of Pedagogy
Bui Hong Van, 2009-2012, VNU-University of Science
Nguyen Duc Tho, 2011-2015, VNU-University of Science
Nguyen Thuy Trang, 2011-2015, VNU-University of Science
Pham Duc Huyen Yen, 2012-2016, VNU-University of Engineering and Technology
Nguyen Khac Thuan, 2012-2016, Academy for Air-defense and Air-force
PhD students (current):
Vuong Van Hiep, 2015-2019, VNU-University of Science
Huynh Dang Chinh, Prof., 2008-present, Inst. of Chem. Technol., Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Nguyen Trong Tinh, Prof., 2014- present, VAST-Inst. of Applied Phys. and Sci. Instrum.
Nguyen The Nghia, Prof., 2017-present, VNU-HUS Accelerator Center, Hanoi
Do Thi Kim Anh, Prof., 2015- present, Dept. of Low Temperature Physics, VNU-HUS

"Copper based spin chain systems and their behaviours at nanoscale", Institute of Physics, Goethe University Frankfurt (am Main) on 14 Dec 2009; (PDF1PDF2PDF3)
"Nanofluidic systems of diluted magnetic semiconductors", Institute of Physics I, George August University Goettingen on 15 Dec 2009 (PDF1PDF2)
"Gold hydride by ion implantation: history, observations and advancements", Department of Electronic and Physical Systems, Waseda University on 12 June 2018 (AuH-Waseda-2018.pdfAuH-Waseda-2018.ppt)

Some recent papers:

2018 PhysB 532 (2018) 115-118 (VVHiep)
2018 Mat Trans 59(7) (2018) 1068-1070 (VVHiep)
2017 JElectMat 46 (2017) 3808 (NTTrang)
2016 JLUMIN 178 (2016) 134–138
2016 JAP 120(14)142120 (VVHiep)
2016 IEEE Magn. Lett. 7(6) (2016) 1401104 (TDThanh)
2016 Electrochimica Acta 190 (2016) 215–220 (NDTho)
2015 Mat Trans 56(9) 1383 (NKThuan)
2015 Mat Trans 56(9) 1335 (DTKA)

Special issues:

1st International Symposium on Frontiers in Materials Science
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics Volume 50, Issue 6 , June 2014

2nd IS FMS 2015 Wasesa University, Tokyo, Japan
J. Appl. Phys.20, 142001 (2016)
AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 1763, Aug 26, 2016.
ISBN: 978-0-7354-1421-1

3rd IS FMS2016 Hanoi University of Education, Hanoi, Vietnam
Physica B Volume 532, Pages 1-230 (1 March 2018)

4th IS FMS2017 Greifswald University, Greifswald, Germany
Materials Transactions Volume 59 Issue 7 (2018) 1013
NANOMATA 2014, VNU-Hanoi University of Engineering and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam
Materials Transactions Volume 56 Issue 9 (2015) 1135

2008-2011: History of Physics (2 credits) Every Tue 14:00 Me Tri Campus GD6
2008-2014: Introduction to Rietveld Analysis of Compounds (2 credits)

Electromagnetism (3 credits) Every Fri 14:00 G3B
Mechanics (3 credits), G2, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay

Electronic structure of Nanomaterials (2 credits)
Electronic structure modeling methods (2 credits)
Mathematical methods in physics (3 credits) Xuan Thuy Campus
Statistical physics (3 credits) Xuan Thuy Campus

Co hoc dai cuong (General Mechanics), nxb Giao duc 2005.
Phuong phap toan ly (Math. methods in physics), to be available 2019