Honorary Chairs
Dinh-Tri Nguyen, VNU-IFI, Vietnam
Roberto deMarca, IEEE President
General Chairs
Tu-Bao Ho, JAIST, Japan
Piuri Vincenzo, Milan University, Italy
Programme Chairs
Thanh-Thuy Nguyen, VNU-UET, Vietnam
Mizuhito Ogawa, JAIST, Japan
Organizing Chairs
Bao-Son Pham, VNU-UET, Vietnam
Anh-Cuong Le, VNU-UET, Vietnam
Cam-Ha Ho, HNUE, Vietnam
Thi-Minh-Huyen Nguyen, VNU-HUS, Vietnam
Xuan-Tu Tran, VNU-UET, Vietnam
Tuong-Vinh Ho, VNU-IFI, Vietnam
Tutorial Chairs
Anh-Cuong Le, VNU-UET, Vietnam
Marc Bui, University Paris 8, France
Workshop Chairs
Hi-Duc Pham, ECE, France
Thi-Ha-Duong Phan, VAST, Vietnam
Publication Chairs
Xuan-Tu Tran, VNU-UET, Vietnam
Xuan-Hieu Phan, VNU-UET, Vietnam
Bao-Quoc Ho, VNU-HCMUS, Vietnam
International Advisory Committee
Nim Cheung, Hong Kong, China
John Vig, IEEE, USA
Janina Mazierska, Massey University, New Zealand
Dinh-Tri Nguyen, VNU-IFI, Vietnam
Byeong Ji Lee, Seoul National University, Korea
Jean-Marc Steyeart, Ecole Polytechnique, France
Takuya Katayama, JAIST, Japan
Conference Organizers
IEEE Vietnam Section
VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET)
VNU Institut Francophonie de l'Informatique (VNU-IFI)
Hanoi University of Education
Technical Co-sponsors (incomplete list)
IEEE Communications Society
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
HANOI, NOVEMBER 10-13, 2013
RIVF-2013: The 10th IEEE RIVF International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies



Evolving from a French speaking conference on computer science in its early stage, RIVF has become a major scientific event for researchers in the field of Computing and Communication Technologies, not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. RIVF 2012, held in Ho Chi MinhCity, had received submissions coming from 23 countries across all the continents. RIVF 2013 is the 10th RIVF conference hosted by VNU University of Engineering and Technology (UET) with participation of VNU-IFI and Hanoi University of Education (HNUE); sponsored by the IEEE Vietnam Section in cooperation with IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, and others. RIVF 2013 continues to offer an opportunity for researchers and innovators to discuss problems, share results, identify emerging issues, and establish academic collaborations in various disciplines of computing and communications. The IEEE RIVF website is www.rivf.org.

Information Management Track:

Co-Chairs: Ralf Detlef Kutsche, TU Berlin, Germany & Michel LĂ©onard, University of Geneva, Switzerland & Dong Thi Bich Thuy, VNU-HCM, Vietnam

- Model-based information integration
- Distributed data management
- Integration of heterogeneous data sources
- Metadata & metamodels
- Domain modeling
- Information architectures
- Security & privacy
- E-commerce and business integration solutions
- Information management in health care and public services
- Ontologies and semantics in information management

Computational Intelligence Track:

Co-Chairs: Jean-Daniel Zuker, University of Paris 6, France & Vincenzo Loia, University of Salerm, Italy

- Language and speech processing
- Soft computing
- Knowledge discovery and data mining
- Machine learning
- Computational biology
- Agent-based systems
- Semantic web
- Information extraction and retrieval

Communications and Networking Track:

Co-Chairs: Pierre Kuonen, Univ. of Applied Science, Switzerland & Francine Krief, Univ. of Bordeaux 1, France

- Network architecture
- Network protocols and security
- Parallel and distributed computing
- Grid computing
- Mobile and ubiquitous computing
- Quantum networks and communications

Modeling and Computer Simulation Track:

Co-Chairs: Alexis Drogoul, IRD, France & Vu Duong, John von Neumann Institute, VNU-HCM

- Data visualization
- Virtual reality
- Behaviour simulation
- Scientific computing

Applied Operational Research and Optimization Track:

Co-Chairs: Nguyen Dong Yen, VAST, Vietnam & Le Thi Hoai An, Unievrsite de Lorraine, France

- Linear programming
- Integer programming
- Dynamic programming
- Constraint propagation
- Heuristics
- Applications in control, production, and scheduling

Software Engineering and Embedded Systems Track:

Co-Chairs: Dang Van Hung, VNU-UET Hanoi, Vietnam & Tomasz Janowski, UNU-IIST, Macau

- Software development methods
- Software system modeling
- Component-based, model-driven, grid-based, automated software engineering
- Open source software development
- Product lines
- Software process
- Software testing and verification
- Embedded system testing and verification
- Multi-core programming
- Real-time systems
- Web services

Human Machine Interface and Imaging Technologies

Co-Chairs: Yo-Sung Ho, GIST, Korea & Pham Bao Son, VNU Hanoi

- Human-computer interface and interaction
- Multimedia
- Image processing
- Imaging in chemistry, medicine, biology, geography, etc.